LIVE: MPs debate EU (Withdrawal) Bill ahead of a vote

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MPs debate the European Union Withdrawal Bill ahead of a vote in the House of Commons tonight.

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dave009ish says:

a BUNCH OF LITTLE TWATS trying to block Brexit. They have forgotten they are just public servants , not there to decide but follow the instructions of the People.

Keith Bawden says:

Is this a Centre for Geriatrics??

dave009ish says:

These communist politicians think they very funny blocking the will of the people. Lets see how you cunts feel when millions of British people storm parliament, drag your commie political butts out into the street and string you up one by one. Now, that would be fucking funny. You disgusting traitors.

dave009ish says:

Bunch of communist cunts blocking British democracy


this withdrawal bill is pure tyranny. dictatorship on steroids. this bill must never pass, it gives the government unprecedented powers to do pretty much what they want and removes the need for parliament or the people to have any say, they are trying to destroy the British constitution by stealth . it is unlawful. the charter of human rights will be abolished if this gets through, they can also change any part of the bill after it is passed with next to no oversight including exit day.. this is the most dangerous thing ever,, no no no

Michael Mariner says:

F..k the Global order..
Globalism robs Nations of their Liberty freedom And democratic vote.Britain doesn't want Dictatorship.

Everything Cool says:

Is there a vote

moma mia says:

It is for the government to do the will of the people not to go against democracy we voted and won the referendum to leave the EU we leave the EU do not go against the British people DEMOCRACY INDEPENDENCE NOW

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