Must Watch Trump’s Patriot Patrol Zero In On The DS Unintelligent Turds .

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Must Watch Trump’s Patriot Patrol Zero In On DS Unintelligent Turds .

Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


P Rex says:

Clapper. Damn lucky to not be in jail for lying to Congress. If we the people had done that we would be in federal prison.
Brennan is a complete deep state operative. Zero trust in that guy.

patrick beishir says:

And Clapper is pissed because he is the former…

Shona MERRILL says:

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TakeIt Or LeaveIt says:

Ew, I never knew that bald freakish guy's name…Zachary (Said with a Nasally, whiny voice) He's a 100% Democratic Apologist Nerdy Weirdo Hack!

TakeIt Or LeaveIt says:

Forget what those Hacks say! I believe Trump knows exactly what he's doing AND saying! He's a master negotiator, and Comey and those Hacks are Baphomet, worshipping Pedophile Losers!

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