Outnumbered 11/10/17 | Fox News Today November 10, 2017

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Outnumbered 11/10/17 | Fox News Today November 10, 2017
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weelgunny says:

Talk PERCENTAGES, not dollar values out of context…

Glenn Heiselman says:

Richard, I think you meant scratch throat Jessica Tarlov.

Dominick Delaurentis says:

We’re focusing on helping 330 million Americans by improving our tax code, they are worried about legalizing illegal aliens so they can get 800,000 new voters + 3 million more via chain migration or “family bases immigration”. & they vote democrat by over 30 pts at the polls. The democrats know they have nothing to offer us but poverty, but hey as long as they have power who cares right?

Cajun Wolf says:

So why didn't these women come out of the woods while he was in the primary's? Doesn't seem strange to anybody besides me that they pop up now, with the election so close, and the Democratic candidate isn't doing that well? Does it make you think that the the Washington Compost sought this woman out, and "had to work on her hard to get her to go public" (their words) when the Washington Compost has endorsed the Democratic candidate? I want the woman, women, to face Moore in public, and face to face. This would be the best thing to see who's guilty, and who can stick to their story.

Dominick Delaurentis says:

& Maria barf is what is wrong with America

Dominick Delaurentis says:

Wow Harris is such a sweet & classy gal! ❤️ She let him know he’s a full guy period!

barbara beaulieu says:

President's decision not to meet with Putin– Brilliant. Why give anyone fuel for more distorted reporting or interference in due process. Landmine avoided.

David Payne says:

When u r the party in control of every branch of government It’s ur baby u will take the all the blame if nothing is past U can t blame dems at all republicans run the show for now !! But 2018 will b a different story

David Payne says:

Republicans r having a hell of a time governing it was so easy for them to resist and reject everything Obama tried to do they had it easy all they had to do was say no !!! Now they have to govern and r bitching and complaining dems will not help awwwww. Pay back is a bitch !!!!

good goat says:

If Harf has to be on the show, please duct tape her mouth shut.

good goat says:

A THIRTY-EIGHT YEAR OLD charge made after the date where the ballot cannot be changed? The timing is just too perfect and stinks of a strategic democratic smear campaign. And yea, Harf is a hack!

good goat says:

"I truly don't know" – The only think that Marie Harf said that made sense.

good goat says:

So the Senate has rules for being ineffective? Drain the swamp!

Grant Christian says:

I guess they cant find anyone better than Dogface Dagen & Marie Barf. Only best thing about today show is Harris & Gillian.

Nancy Marsh says:

I don't believe Roy Moore did that..

RK Ferguson says:

If there is no evidence then I don’t want to hear about any of this!

ustedeslosricos ! says:

Tax bill is dead on arrival.

Johnny Moreno says:

Harris rules

pigboykool says:

Come On! These women only come out to accuse the Republican candidate after 30+ years later right before election? Give me a break!? I don't even like Roy Moore but I don't like baseless accusation even more!

We have seen many thousand times, the DemocRats are desperate and keep on using the same smear tactics, they tried it on President Trump but it back fired, now they keep trying the same ticks on other Conservative.

Plus, it has been reported that the Moore accuser was working for DemocRats & support Moore's opponent.?

pigboykool says:

The last thing any sane person would do is to listen & believe anything from Marie Harf's mouth……….

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