Poland sees resurgence of rightwing nationalism

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Poland’s independence day has increasingly become a focus of rightwing nationalism. Far-right parties are gathered in the capital Warsaw along with nationalists from Ukraine, Estonia, Russia and the US. The country is becoming increasingly politically polarised.

Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports from Warsaw.

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cs says:

Who is responsible for putting together & distribution hatred propaganda that have nothing to do with truth? Why country can not celebrate independence from German fascism or russification?

luke phan says:

I don't think I've ever watched worse leftist propaganda than this video. :O

Big Z Dawg Illegal says:

Fake news a vary fake news. Take some refugees in Saudi Arabia.

Piotr Doreński says:

Poland is sending massive help to Aleppo and other cities of Syria,and also to refugees in Liban.

Mariusz Kierzek says:

Blind or what?
Just came to Poland and U will see the true… Nazist's?
Poland like no other country on our planet hate Nazist Fasist

Thx to all PL supporters
U knowns 🙂

Badu692 says:

…this is garbage video

wkeil1981 says:

Al jazeera so hateful

Mr Kompot says:


John Doe says:

what a bunch lies! what Russians at the beginning have to do with that? families with children and elderly are marching neo-nazis? a patriotic animation is rewriting history? i hope your Wahhabi sponsors will be get raped by a pack of rabid dogs

Robert Kopczak says:

jednemu skurwielowi przeszkadza nazywanie polskich bohaterow walki o niepodleglosc bohaterami. To wlasnie tacy ludzie jak on uprawiali w Polsce polityke wstydu.

SuperRocha18 says:

"near natzis"… LOLZ

Vladimir Borovicka says:

Good that they are feeding them with such stories. Stay away from our country. Don't come close couse we will eat you alive.

Henryk Adamowicz says:

JEDNA POLSKA CAŁA -BEZ araba i pedała

Bor Nodnoc says:

Absolute rubbish report. A nation of people has said no more, not us. They are to be congratulated! This is the beginning of the end of the Socialist/Communist ideology.

Anna Bernasińska says:

'right wing extremists' so I guess 90% of people in poland are right wing extremists, nice lmao at Al jizzira calling polish independence day celebration a 'neonazi protest'

Tyler Durden says:

Hahahah Al Jazeera

Blankey Jetcity says:

I didn't know they were fascism country lol

Rodoriginal101 says:

outwards lies. fake news by sponsored media

Juliaan Czwartynski says:

fake news it was march polish patriots

Juan De La Rosa says:

Polish people are neo nazis?.. fake news.

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