Remembrance Day: Paying tribute to Canada’s fallen heroes

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Thousands of Canadians are gathering at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on this chilly Remembrance Day to pay tribute to Canada’s war dead.

Ian Hannomansing and Rosemary Barton are hosting CBC News’ Remembrance Day special.

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Eddie Taurus says:

LOL, you losers have less then 600 views. Why do you get so much of my money? I dont even like you.

Osama Bin Laden says:

The people that down voted this are pathetic and couldn't hold a candle to the people in this video.

Arnel Lozic says:

Is it just me.. or does it seem like the First World War, in which 59 694 Canadians died, was completely and absolutely unavoidable?

Elsie 814.513 says:

We should be proud of the people who went to the war

pamela kingwell says:

Lest we forget!

Manon Cole says:

Support your local Legion.

Rabbi Shekelberg says:

"Fight for our freedom"… in a war that we started and refused to end. The Germans in both WW1 and WW2 were the real heroes, not us.

Bushmonster12 says:

Too many interviews with random women and not enough WW2/Korea vets.

Orin World says:

I'm a day late and did everything yesterday, but…

Lest we forget.

Alex Pawlitza says:

my great uncle was a bombardier in a bomber

Alex Pawlitza says:

thank you all for giving us what we have today

The Rainbow Pigaxe says:

now this is something
that actually should be on the trending list. lest we forget <3

coateskylie says:

Remember all that they fought and died for

Federal and provincial corruption weak justice system and our citizens not taking part in democracy and not voting

issareign says:

Military cemeteries are some of my favourite open air shitting venues. I feel the glistening turds contrast nicely with the matte surface of the tombstones. Lest we forget.

Ryan Chalhoub says:

Thanks mom and dad

Kevin says:

Proud to be a Canadian.

Clorox Bleach says:

Deez Nutz dabbbb

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