Rohingya crisis: ‘Rape and murder’ in the Village of Tula Toli – BBC News

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*** Warning: This report contains distressing scenes including explicit descriptions of sexual violence ***

These are the harrowing accounts of villagers of Tula Toli where Rohingya Muslims were massacred – a special investigation by BBC Newsnight, Reporter Gabriel Gatehouse, Producer James Clayton; Filmed and Edited by Jack Garland

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Phil Dobson says:

If that really happened she wouldn't be there too have a voiceover of the same old propaganda we've been hearing since the first country the west bombed after believing such b*****

Серж Шуляченко says:

Answering the question what the World Bank, IMF and JPMorgan Chase does
Half of the world's wealth belongs to 1% of people, – Credit Suisse

Noah James Yalçin says:

It mind-boggles me that some comments here think nothing is wrong with this, like "what goes around comes back around". The fact that you can hear first-hand the brutal rape and mutilation of young women, the violent murder of their babies and husbands, and then proceed to respond in such a manner, means you are a literal threat to society. I recommend you seek help.

This is a human rights and humanitarian matter, the crime actus reus has NOTHING to do with religion or politics. This segment is on the actions and immediate effects on the innocent Rohingya villagers, which is a horrendous violation of international law. Looks like some of you need to learn how to consume media…

Top10incidents says:


G S D says:


Cozmo And Gaming says:


Cozmo And Gaming says:

I hate these people who do this may they go to HELL >:(

shannon newman says:

Time for a ass kicking

Dale H ? says:

Religion is Man Made and Fake Man Never did part the Sea and Europe is Full.

Its okay to be white says:

Please help these non-whites to move to Europe as refugees and to contribute to your globalist plans of ethnically replacing the indigenous European populations and re-writing our histories out of existence BBC.


UN WORTH LESS, never would have thought that Budist and the new nazi order would be let loose and Government agencies of world turn a blind eye to it.

Jane Dough says:

Thank you to the BBC for going into this dangerous situation and exposing what is really happening. What is going on is truly horrific.

Sudhu Kumar says:

Lord Buddha has focussed only on non violence and it's importance ,but this is not buddhism, this is itself type of radical islamism. it's now clear
"You Can Be safe as minority only among Hindus"
It's primitive,tolerant and humitarian form of religion.

India can save these people but China supporting Myanmar.America should take lead with india,Bangladesh and Australia.These people are human firstly than muslim.

Captain Phillips says:

And who bright ideas is it to bring these Chocolate Pudding Faced Rapist and killers to our shores ?


Just keep that SHlT out of North America or you will pay a heavy price.

Purple Ocean says:

Myanmar is the country that deserves to be invaded and droned.
Not Yemen or Afghanistan.


BBC News is a joke; the sooner you have your funding cut the better!

ObjemLOVE says:

So Sad.Perfect job BBC.

AugustusPugin says:

Report on the White Flight crisis. Report on why London is now third world and unnaturally cleansed of its natives.

Amit das says:

Fuck u #myanmar and sui kyi

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