RT America forced to register as foreign agent in US

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RT’s Ilya Petrenko​ reports as RT America​’s forced to register as a foreign agent in the US.

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sumplex city says:

Democracy means freedom of speech,America should practice what they preach, and I hope now the world will know what democracy and freedom of speech means to American government.

tino v says:

Freedom of speech down the toilet…

Lada Riva says:

SO BBCs in trouble?

David Halal says:

When will they make the lobbyist group for Israel APAIC register as a foreign agent. One of APAIC's agents works inside the white house. Jared Kushner. He is a Zionist Jew.

Norman Harcourt says:

BBC= the biggest fake news producer in the world nothing but a propaganda machine//////

John Buterbaugh Sr. says:

oh ok I get it now ..totally discredit them as "foreign agents wtf " Then silence comments through social media saying a disclaimer is needed ..Are the taking away our right to have an opinion now????????

Gegoy Gegoy says:

Only the stupid people ,believe American lies ,people and other countries don't actually
believe Americunt ,lies and stupid sensationalisms and propaganda, it's a psychological warfare
they're doing for the last several decades , it's a form of conditioning of your mind ,and if you're as
stupid like them ,you believe anything they say ,but if you're smart and cool ,and watch all media channels
There ,you will see who"s telling the Truth , ( RT News ) preferred by the majority for being Fair and Honest in
all it's reportings ,domestically and Abroad ,

K Walker says:

What ever happened to America – "home of the free and the brave"?

Mr. Wolf says:

You can thank the American left and their Russian paranoia for this filth! I love RT, truly sad.

Terry Moore says:

Anyone mentioning the USA on the internet will have to register as a foreign agent…

James of the family Proctor says:

thats what they do, corrupt the world, by over legislation and then blame other people. it's corrupt they pretend everything they do is a solution when it's just creating a problem.

Filipino Citizen says:

Deep state is silencing everyone that are aganist U.S propaganda. Americans and it's bitches supporters are it's best.

leon mc pilibin says:

Bolshevik Jew America,same system just different country.When America is sucked dry,China next to parasite off,maybe.

boiled frog says:

wut rt isnt belong to russia ?!oh,,,,,,lmao ?!

Anakka Hartwell says:

To Peace 63 and the American G, I am a voting 61 year old caucasian female born in California, I have several graduate degrees and have been a member of the Twin Cities. I dislike mainstream media and wont even watch FOX News, I mean why watch misleading information. Since I want the truth I watch RT. To me its a US based news station which tries to accurately report important information. This attack on RT is an attack on us all, our rights, our freedoms, and our ability to get information in the format that we desire and from whom we desire. However I have noticed that people who tell the truth in America are attacked, sometimes jailed, and subsequently socially disgraced. My Father, his father, my grandfather all fought for my right to gain information from the source that best fits me. This is an attack on the rights of the American people. This regime has to go, and hopefully the Justice Democrats can manage that task. Otherwise America will become the polluted, controlled country that Trump wants without national parks, and we will be charged to drive on highways that our tax dollars built. We are at that point now where either we stand up and challenge this or sit back and allow our rights to slip away.

Peace 63 says:

RT is telling the truth and exposing the real face of American and Israeli regimes. Shame on you disgusting "human beings"!!!

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