RT America Registers As Foreign Agent Amid Russia Did It Scare!

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Bowing to pressure from the U.S. Justice Department RT America registered as a foreign agent on Monday. Russian leaders are criticizing the move, and lawmakers in Moscow are preparing a “symmetric legislative response,” according to the state-run Tass news agency. Personalities such as Larry King, Ed Schultz, Lee Camp, Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, Jesse Ventura, HA Goodman, Lionel Nation, Thomm Hartman and Tim Black are “Russian Operatives”?

In the filing, RT America’s partner company said it wasn’t sure how much of its funding comes from Russia. The media operation had faced a Nov. 13 deadline, set by the U.S. government, to register.

Donald Trump Free 2016 Publicity: www.nytimes.com/2016/03/16/upshot/measuring-donald-trumps-mammoth-advantage-in-free-media.html

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Gordon Coombes says:

In Canada we have the government created CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation sometimes the CBC has news stories critical of USA so should CBC and govt run BBC in the UK also as Foreign Agents as possible enemies of the American Empire .

Randy The Wild Horse says:

Corporate mainstream media on cable t.v. networks are classified as #fiction

MrAimtech says:

Go Tim go! Where is Moose & Squirrel when you need them?

jaluck says:

No vodka? No bathhouse? Who could need further proof that this is all bullshit!

Jojo Podolski says:

I just subscribed to RT

bobowrath sovine says:

More like your truth wouldn't mesh with MSNBC's or CNN's "LIES" not truth.

Matt Chew says:

Apparently legitimate journalism is considered a "Russian conspiracy"…
What does that say about the American (corporate) media?


If I registered as a foreign agent, do you think some foreign country will hire me?


Has Henry Kissinger registered as a foreign agent, yet? That is what I'm wondering. And what about AIPAC, and their OATH, to put Isreal First, that they make all our Representative and Senators sign.

The Natty Rabbit says:

… and now the DOJ will say "See! You registered as a foreign agent! So you ADMIT you are agents of the Kremlin!". The DOJ is a pathetic joke. The irony here is that its the DOJ that is infested with Communists bent on destroying this country. The DOJ is a swamp that needs to get drained … starting with Leftist sock-puppet Jeff Sessions.

GDNPB says:

yes now that they are getting ready for war because Israel and Saudi's are going to start war with Iran because they know the freaking US population doesn't have the backbone to stand up and demand a stop to war and instead spend money here fixing the broken (D rated) infrastructure and putting people to work like the red team hope for change Obama FRAUD Trump lied saying he would do! Oh and he is working on a new TPP while in Viet Nam too….. There is NO HOPE FOR CHANGE except with a new party! Reps and Dems do not have us working class peoples best interest in their plans.

r3sol had says:

Tim, you might as well start your registration paperwork as well. Welcome to 1937 I mean 2017.

Wizardjohn1 says:

This country is barely recognizable to the one I grew up in. Question is, what's changed , the country or my vision? WOKE AS FUCK.

Stampeded Buffalo says:

It's crazy. What else is new(s)?

theinspector5 says:

Wonder if BBC America will have to do the same?

Bryan Nelson says:

RT the last bastion for freedom of speech and the press in the USA. Sad!

kr00m says:

Because you didn’t see anything doesn’t change the fact that RT is funded by the state and multiple anchors have left due to government intervening with news coverage (Liz Wahl, Sara Firth, Abby Martin).

Miele Rodriguez says:

Tim Black, Dolly Parton, Larry King, say it aint so. lol.

PHeMoX says:

Smear indeed… and an extremely weird one at that seeing how RT has been amongst the most open-minded and freely speaking news organisations out there.

Get Real says:

I just wish RT's anchors had a little more personality. Most have a very robotic delivery, except for Ed Schultz & a couple others.

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