Scientists offer catastrophic warning of existential threat to humanity

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A quarter century ago, 1,700 scientists signed a letter warning that mankind faced an existential threat. Now, a new alert has been sent out by the Union of Concerned Scientists, and this time they’re saying things are looking worse than ever. RT’s Alex Mihailovich takes a look.

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Mr. Gfresh says:

White people love to eat chocolate but can't grow the plant, They love eating bandanas but can't grow the plant, They love diamonds but they don't have any diamond mines in their home lands overall white people don't have and can't grow what they love to consume so it seems to me white people need to stop plundering other ethnic group of people and the planet will be just fine!

Mr. Gfresh says:

White People consume more than any other ethnic group of people but produce less consumable goods. White people produce only Guns, bombs and Poisonous vaccines ineffective medicine for genocidal purposes.

Eric Smile says:

I guess in the US we are fortunate we have about 30 million deer living in the woods in the wild and about well thousands and thousands of wild pigs feral pigs that are free to hunt

Connie Criscitello says:

sometimes i wonder who they are talking about in videos like this. Most people I know are using way, way, less than they were 25 years ago.

Janko Hrasko says:

We need more jobs! More economic growth! More…

Voltage controlled Ovulator says:

Christians take up most of the space. Like unwanted files on a computer its time to defrag and delete. I vote for the lion pits it gives grate entertainment and we are helping out the lions. Mother Nature Approves this message.

potato salad says:

Scientists offer catastrophic warning of existential threat to humanity their answer to the problem will be biological warfare or the government will set of a nuke in a place like New York to wipe out a lot of people while at the same time striping citizens of all their freedoms in exchange for security its in the works my proof is the Georgia Guide stones which was funded by the Freemason Lodge

Ro Jo says:

Wow was born in 92

theswagler says:

Governments and Cronies need more money to protect us and fix the world. At some point the peoples are going to have to stand up to these parasites and cut off their gravy train. They're starting introduce every form of taxation under the sun, the peoples are killing most of their bills, but shits going to hit the fan when the peoples realize the financial state of our countries, and what these sons-of-bitches are planning.

Vivek V says:

NO…Not Humanity….America and the First world countries doom….others are fine.

roccoisawesome says:

That guy looks like he has a big hog.

Jack Worster says:

Is there still hope there is no hope stupid Fucks we've already killed the Earth it just still dying not long now almost dead

3y3 Capture SEAN ERIC VIZION says:

I call buLLshit!!! No such thing as ASTROIDS!! And NO SUCH THING AS NO FOOD SHORTAGE/WATER fear mongering YET AGAIN!!! This is a infinite plain !! Period …. species aren’t dead they are moved to different parts of the earth/heart TSSSSSS

Dunning Kruger says:

Time to kill off the wealthy.

Mr. Shaz says:

RT, you should stay away from garbage topics. We are "consuming so much" ties in nicely to the desire to "limit the global population".

Erik O. says:

What a LIE!

Michael Mariner says:

If anything Happens..It won't be chance or an accident..The Greedy western Powers and Elitist central Wankers will be behind any & all terrorist attacks on free people..Just like 9/11 and all the other crap excuses to Go to war and kill innocent people!

Maqsimous says:

Stephen Hawking is losing it. Time to stop listening to him.

David Webster says:

So Global warming hoax is getting slammed so they need a new story.

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