The Five 11/9/17 – The Five Fox News Today November 9, 2017

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The Five 11/9/17 – The Five November 9, 2017 Fox News

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Mark Anthony Del Prado says:

Not sure about this, but there are not enough ads in this video, I could use one every other minute.

Gary Warren says:

i wish killary would go away!!!!!!! sick of even looking at her, she is unbelievably disgusting

Reuben Florez says:

Juan is either an idiot or just a damn LIAR.

UMA says:

Tell Juan to go to CNN, where he belongs.

Desert Rats says:

I actually live in searching nv. Where Harry reeds family is from. He did not have an exercise equipment malfunction. he just got his ass handed to him by his brother who he has never really see eye to eye with his brother was locked up that night for one night only and was released on a high bail. Harry reed got his ass kicked by his brother and I think the media should look into and report the truth

Wm Archer-King says:

Juan is such a wishy washy weakling. he's waiting to see which way the prevailing winds will blow then falsely claim he was always headed in the same direction.

Wm Archer-King says:

Liberal Democrats screaming at the top of their lungs at the sky like braying jackasses i think i saw one in the crowd with a set of buck teeth …wait, what's the mascot of the Democratic Party again??? Oh yeah, its the jackass. How apropos, except that the literal jackass has a higher IQ

Edward Takeaction Gba says:

Was Mr Moore ever accused before, prosecuted, proven guilty ? NO, then BS hearsay !!!!!

Gerard Rinaldi says:

I refuse to watch this criminal talk her way around the world and around America like some lame duck we are supposed to feel bad for ! Fucking indicte her already and stop this stupid parade of crime family horror !!! Whore of Islam must die ! Evil incarnate of Lillith !!!

fos sch says:


Walter Samuel says:

Do those idiots at the start not realise that the whole world is laughing at those insane idiots…. It's pathetic and embarrassing for the country…..

Dani McD says:

Obamacare is through the roof because people don't want charged on their taxes you moron!!!!

trump forever says:

juan is a lefty lier and needs to go back to PBS

Sally Beatty says:

yes there's some there should be some sort of punishment for lying you know there's a law on the books that prevents people from yelling fire in a crowded movie theater do you know why cuz somebody did that once in a bunch of people got stampeded to death lying for your own personal gratification is wrong and there should be punishment for this

Sally Beatty says:

so it took this woman 40 years to grow a pair of balls to say that this guy POD at her and tried to kiss her 40 years

John Meyer says:

The same old story with the tax bill. Heads They win tails you lose. Voodoo economics once again. No matter what they say or how they try to spin it we will be paying more taxes not less unless your wealthy. If your wealthy you'll love the new tax bill.

Sally Beatty says:

what a bunch of losers eyehole I hope they all woke up with sore throats oh my God if you're having a bad day pull up one of those videos it's just mind-boggling and hysterical all at the same time

Robert Marier says:

Like howling at the moon

Laura Adair says:

this is all horse crap. the liberal elitist did same thing with DONALDJTRUMP on the Russian dossier. they (George Soros) have endless amounts of money. they research find ppl who can be BOUGHT and will say ANYTHING for money. at the end of the day it will be a nuthin burger ONLY it will smear a person. just remember, if it happened/happens to you then how do you ever recover. even if he kissed a girl, did he know a teener made up to look much older was rape bait. seriously can anyone ever say this has not ever happened to you? these ppl are scum to pay for information to smear

Prince Wynand says:


Get ready for it DEMS….you are going to scream for another 32 YEARS!!! You might as well join the REPS!!! NOW!! and save face!!!! BBWWaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

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