Trey Gowdy Gives DS Sessions A Warning For The Feckless FBI 11 / 14 / 2017

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Trey Gowdy Gives DS Sessions A Warning For The Feckless FBI
11 / 14 / 2017

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visionv says:

Pointless. I love all that Gowdy does, but after all his work no one ever goes to jail. Bread and circuses people.

Alexander Ennis says:

I like you bro but QUIT showing pictures of a round earth. IT'S FLAT!!!!!!!

Brandon David says:

I want to like Sessions but it’s obvious to me now that he’s part of the swamp. I wish it weren’t true but his lack of action on some very key issues tells me it is indeed true.

Steve Klein says:

Sessions is perfect example of Peter Principle.

sid roth says:

It's beginning to sound like a lot of hot air !

John Thompson says:

The Senate has been over this and over this and is still won't accept the facts as they are. My God how many times do we have to go through this ? Get on with real bussiness please. How can the AG do anything but sit and explain to the senate about Russia and whether he is doing his job or not.

Brian Baca says:

Sessions is a joke. Don't know why he's smiling and smirking to both Mr. GOWDY and Mr. Jordan when this is a serious issue. He has no intention on doing a GD thing in regards to HRC

ROCK theBIGGUN says:


P Rex says:

A blindfolded woman who has lifted her blindfold and given a wink and a nod to the elite.

DARTH DaBer says:

Just because you uphold the law doesn't make you above it

Keith Godown says:

I have heard sessions is waiting to nail pedo stuff to the Clibton Foundation and others before he makes a move

TheProfessor Fate says:

FBI has always been a pile of steaming shit. A worthless organization.

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