Trump praises bin Salman’s political purge, but Saudi stocks fall

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US President Donald Trump voiced support for the action by Saudi’s leaders tweeting: “I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing”.

Shares in several Saudi Arabian businesses have fallen in the wake of the major crackdown on corruption.

The growing list of princes and ministers caught up in the purge is widely seen as a move by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to consolidate power.

However, the arrests of wealthy businessmen and owners of media outlets have shaken the markets.

Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal explains.

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Brian Hove says:

I'm glad the crown prince wants to end Wahhabism

New Jerusalem74 says:

He can't stop shaking cause of all those demons inside him

Lev says:

The terrorist state of Saudi Arabia and their American masters are both going to decline eventually. The world in not unipolar and dominated by Americans anymore, it's become multipolar. China and Russia entered the scene and these two countries have no interest in supporting the rogue monarchies and terrorist states in the Middle East like the US does.

Risbo Lensky says:

Salman followed Trump's advise on Qatar. Look how that ended up

bleach says:

this is the prophecy of prophet muhammad s.a.w taking place before our own eyes

richie s says:

Gump is a jackass

Marzouk El Idrissi says:

Imam mahdi is camong insha allah united ummah

bowser123ism says:

Hahaha, al jazeera days are limited. Qatari leadership bye bye

Naseef Abdullah says:

Screw you sauds< and what the hell is wrong with the people there.can'y you see what the hell is happening htere???Fight back for the Ummah ,idiotas.

TheMaster100 says:

corrupt crownie

tube3365 says:

The people of Saudi deserve better than to be ruled by a authoritarian, war mongering regime!

Big Trouble says:

The King took out Pedophiles, and child trafficking. The MSM is not reporting on it, they come up with lies about Trump thinking purging government officials which is a lie. Trump does support the take down of pediohiles.

TheYafnit says:

Two Questions:
1.Does this effect the Petro Dollar?
2.If not, why is this relevant news to Americans?

Zahin Zaman says:


Anjur Mohammad says:

Saudi Arabia will be destroy

koertje says:

More islamic countries should end corruption.

NelleNel NP says:

More false claims from the news reporting a bs story.

شيخ حسن البصري says:

trump is a great person he knows how to order his dog each another k s a u a e is dogs of trum good job trum

Stan Kormy says:

Puppet on a string!

Agnostic Theist says:

Good job trump, keep those monkeys obey you

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