UK: Galloway warns US govt taking ‘dark and dangerous path’ over RT

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Politician and broadcaster George Galloway warned the US government is taking a “dark and dangerous path” by ordering broadcaster RT to register as a foreign agent, in an interview Tuesday,

He said: “It is branding journalists as agents and that’s very dangerous, of course, for the safety of journalists in many hotspots and difficult parts of the world.”

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Seventh Anubis says:

Does the US ever think or calculate the future blow back from any of their stupid foreign policy operations? Recent history has proven without a doubt, they do not.

RogueState says:

George you're a USEFUL IDIOT for Islam and Communism… Now take off that Rabbi costume you're wearing and stop cucking for Islam

jimppa00 says:

russia is taking the same path against american media and still this puppet doesnt take russian steps into consideration

Vierotchka says:

Well said, George.

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