Ultimate Male Feminist Loser on CNN 😂

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Meet the ultimate virtue signaling male feminist social justice warrior. Order my new book, The True Story of Fake News, from Amazon here: goo.gl/oJ5VQh or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook.

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Mark Dice says:

Order my new book, THE TRUE STORY OF FAKE NEWS, on Amazon here: goo.gl/oJ5VQh or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook. On Monday it made it to number 15 on Amazon's best seller list!!! Let's get it to the top! Let me know what you think! After you read it, please rate and review the book ASAP because the trolls are going to hit it with one star reviews as they do with all my books even though they never buy them. Unfortunately Amazon allows people to review books that they haven’t even bought or read! Christmas is coming soon, and what better way to help wake someone up than giving them this book!!

Order your “Liberalism: Find a Cure” t-shirt, long sleeve, or hoodie from my online store here: teespring.com/stores/markdice

jorgensenmj says:

So it is now OK for a woman to make baked goods from her own yeast infection. I will remenber to ask about this at the next bake sale down at the school. Using the same logic I guess this means it's OK for a guy to add a little extra something special to the figgy pudding? Or is it just OK when the relatives are stressing you out?

katkal3 says:

im making esmegma cookies , who wants some????

katkal3 says:

dude could you at least warn us what videos are safe to watch while eating

katkal3 says:

louis jokes not so funny anymore

StandingPerfectlyStill Holly says:

Check yo'self for thought crimes!

RockerGuy0001 says:

Tgis so fucking disgusting!

Chewybrand says:

I'll pass on the "bread".

Chewybrand says:

It's impossible to "socially engineer" human nature. Most women know what their role is in life.

Andrew Senske says:

Uh, yeah… no. I'm a guy. And I'm not complicit in any of this. Speak for yourself Male Feminist!

Snakehead4 says:

So far most sexual assault are from these male feminist

Hila Fridman says:

lunatic ugly feminists are causing harm to normal women who are just happy to be a feminine woman, I hate them

nicholas stults says:

Am I living in the twilight zone??? the hell is wrong with people…

George Soros says:

they should start by teaching that to black Americans, all they do (at least 99.99% of black men) is objectify women and none off these faggot white men haters seem to be allowed permission from elite jews to criticize blacks, bitches this and that hoes this and that in music videos on instagram on twitter etc

Christøpher says:

So, when your significant other asks you to smash her wet mound, should you politely decline?

BabyKrogan says:

Welp I chose the wrong video to watch during lunch…

Hein Beukes says:

I'm never going to eat anything that might contain yeast ever again…

USA Politics says:

Mark Dice you are what we refer to over the pond as a "jolly good chap"! I love your work, we need a English Mark Dice.

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