US calls for calm in escalating Saudi-Lebanon crisis

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The United States is urging all parties to respect Lebanon’s sovereignty.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is backing Prime Minister Saad Hariri after he suddenly announced his resignation from the Saudi capital Riyadh last week.
Hariri remains in Saudi Arabia and Lebanese officials are demanding his return.
Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane reports from Washington, DC.

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FeO Hierro says:

"US calls for calm in escalating Saudi-Lebanon crisis"
I wonder what the sound of that call is? USA is a bully, they started the conflict with Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia accusing Qatar and harsh rhetorics towards Iran.

vinm300 says:

Saudis are fat, flabby , indolent, corrupt and soft.
They have a hopeless military.
No wonder they want Israel to help them out.

Nadeem Alam says:

US. Divide and rule. This is what they are upto. Pretty hard for Saudi Beduins to understand until the US kicks their a** out of Saudi Arabia.

Googlie Googlinkty says:

All 20+ gone and already history……Well done & Way to go Saudi Arabia………EVERY World LEADER RESPECTS & SUPPORTS SAUDI LEADERSHIP.

alecrebel says:

Give Lebanon back its PM!

TheMaster100 says:

Us behind it

John Smith says:

I lived through the 80’s when the US and Saudi Arabia “rallied the troops” (ie: Kuwait and Iran) and ganged up on Iraq for their oil. The SECOND Hussein stood up for himself, they labelled him a criminal.

This stinks exactly the same.

All In says:

Who takes trumps government seriously?

the wise man says:

Or are you secretly enjoying it?

Fx says:

Talking one thing and doing the opposite. Also Trump and the state department seems to both say quite different things.

YUKI INU says:

Tillerson: "Let's just calm down, we don't want to hurt Exxon-Mobil profits, do we?

xiaoping zlong says:

only china's blue whale brain can solve world issues

die infidels die infidels HOLO hoaxes cow's PISS says:

calm. creates more's spark in occupied African Palestinian/syria Hezbollah Lebanon Jordan's me Yemen and Iran again too. hilarious.

die infidels die infidels HOLO hoaxes cow's PISS says:

calm jokers. creates more's destabilizing instability divide etc. forced selected install backed regime's changes again.
proxy war's between the occupied Saudis vs iran again.
and weakening the Iranians backed Hezbollah houthis PKK regime's again too. more's FAILED YNION PROJECTS LED TERRORISTS ORG EXPANSION OR MORE'S Lands GRABBING IN OCCUPIED HEZBOLLAH LEBANON again + me and Iran too hilarious.

tube3365 says:

Saudi wants to create another Syria in Lebanon

Abe E says:

Ksa, Gulf countries and Iran screw off and keep hariri, we don't want anything to do with that crook

Deserie Rasmussen says:

Why does Kuwait come to mind?

Nancy Mesek says:

How did Heather Nauert get that job? Oh, that’s right, she worked for Fox and her husband works at Goldman Sachs.

o myself says:

Those people's are always trying to put they're nose in middle east so much, yet they're legacy behind is ended up destroy them in the afterwards, syooh syooh…! You feast

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