‘US govt attacks freedom of speech by forcing RT to register as foreign agent’

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RT has filed for registration as a ‘foreign agent’ in the US, as November 13 is the deadline, Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan has announced. The broadcaster has been threatened with legal action should it refuse to comply.
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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


tyjghjghhh says:

1st victim of War = Truth.

The Engineer says:

RT censored me for no reason, can't understand it.

HelmetBlissta says:

Keep up the good work RT


RT stay in Russia.

J says:

*holds up RT Tears mug*

gthreesix says:

I watch RT in such a large volume, I am willing to go on another site to watch RT if youtube cancels RT.

Baron Von Tacocat says:



Chuck Yates says:

Make APAC and the Israeli lobby & Jew owned Media register as such, as well! Kennedy tried and look what happened to him. The "Jew"-S.A. IS OWNED!! All our so called representatives are nothing but Israeli, Jew butt licking traitors! Donald Trump is owned and nothing but a Schill for the Israeli Lobby. Our flag should be the 13 stripes and a star of Fucken David! WTF happened to my country?

welt historiker says:

Fuk RT… freedom of speech doesn't mean you can fuck our government most of the time with your false propaganda….. RT supports terrorist

Killer5k says:

they block the video i cant even see it

justin fisch says:

Damn, can we just go to war and have amnesia again.

Thomas maurer says:

… make's me thank the my government thanks im stupid, and cant make my own opinion of stories….. ill still watch .. most of the time RT shares my point of view and gives the most unbiased coverage of the stories that come out of US news . …

murray says:

More globalist bullshit

vrmkk says:

KGB will diversify its counter propaganda, ez win when you seem right on all accounts

Gaz Girl says:

Too funny american zionist slave government worry more about foreign media outlet then they do about there own issues or more important issues at hand .shows how much they care about there own citizens

andrew james says:

RT's main website is connected to spot.im which is joo owned and operated. So what's the big gripe about this?

T-wizzle M says:

RT is bias just as cnn fake news

Michael Mariner says:

I will always speak Freely..
regardless of the threats of Punishment,I love it that you fuckers hate truth tellers..Come get some!

Phil Newmann says:

Foreign Agent? How about AIPAC and all the Jewish Organizations register as Foreign Agents?. AIPAC controls the Congress, the Senate, the Administration specially the president.

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