WATCH: President Donald Trump Speech in VIETNAM at the APEC Summit

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Friday, November 10, 2017: President Donald Trump will give a speech to the APEC CEO Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam. Watch the live stream and replay of the event here.

LIVE Stream: President Donald Trump SPEECH in VIETNAM at the APEC CEO Summit 11/9/17

LIVE NOW: President Donald Trump SPEECH in VIETNAM at the APEC CEO Summit 11/9/17

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Harrison Walls says:

Wow. Amazing speech!

MyLinh Pham says:

So proud of our President!

2682shark says:

Does anybody else finds it ironic for Trump to be in Vietnam in Veterans Day ?.. you know since he deferred deployment to serve in Vietnam 5 times

Raven place says:

This man is a gift from god

nick 1 says:

So, due to the south china sea dispute being about fishing and energy, do you think they have come up with any solutions to resolve the issue.?

D Me says:

Any real soldier should be disgusted by this phony mothafucka.

jKat zz says:

Possibly the greatest Pesidential speech in decades if not of all time.

Stive Rosen says:

Some man will come on the scene and Almost Deceive the Very Elect. Thats christians almost deceived. Almost deceived means they are deceived at first but wake up later. Obama could not deceive very elect christians. A different style is needed to almost deceive. Hear words but check what actions really happen or not on ground after. Pray and think real hard on this.

Stive Rosen says:

This is sick for trump to be in vietnam as veterans day on sets. It should have been later or earlier. So very insensitive!!

barbarbarbar2 says:

Less claps than Xi the future

S Carter says:

In a zero sum game. This is dangerous. Someone needs to take it for the team?

Flash Tech says:

you know nothing about Donald Trump. What you're doing is speculating how Donald Trump thinks. You just need to shut up!

YORU bui says:

Just don’t let the Chinese extinct us vietnamese

johny Truong says:

wellcome President Donald Trump to VietNam

J K says:

he says it like he sees it

Kathleen Babcock says:

I know this sounds like a terrible analogy, but since Trump has become president, it seems like all the roaches have some out of the woodwork and have started scrambling ever since. WOW

nelia capricho says:


Renee Blythe says:

Thank God for President Donald J Trump. The best president ever!

opinionated1938 says:

Each of his speeches, I watch and listen to all, are getting better with the next one.

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