Will refugees give Germany an economic boost? Nina Schick, Al Jazeera English

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Responding to an IMF recommendation that refugees hold the key to German economic growth, Open Europe’s Nina Schick appeared on Al Jazeera English discussing the challenges in integrating refugees into the labour markets, and arguing that long-term economic gain depends on successful integration.


Ebenezer Heaven says:

kick them out….they should go and live in those 6 rich Arab nations right next to fucking Syria..Dubai .Qatar..Kuwait..Bahrain… Oman…. Saudi Arabia.,, .Germany took too many……what have Syria ever done….?? in the past 10, 20, 30 years there's been civil wars all over Africa…Colombia had a 50 year war…..Congo had the deadest war since world war 2…..from 1991 to 2004….Sir Lanka had a war for the past 10 years….and did Syria ever help..or take any refugees from any of those nations NOPE….LOL

colin moore says:

IncreAse. Sexual assaults as well

navylaks2 says:

Depends from where
If from Vietnam India, China or the Americas then yes.
If from the Arab world hell no;)

Thug Stomper says:

Oh..just like they caused economic growth in their own countries they fled? RIP Europe (from America).

dudadeda1234 says:

Propaganda! The shit will hit the fan no matter what in Germany and only then it will be too late for the far left politicians to tap dance around the refugee politics anymore. The crash will be hard for both far left politicians and the economy.

coojsta69 says:

peace or war either way the banks win isn't that right

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