World’s largest water reservoir built in Qatar

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Five mega water reservoirs – the largest in the world – have been built in Qatar at a cost of nearly $5bn.

They will each have a capacity of nearly 400 million litres of water, effectively tripling Qatar’s supply – a resource seen as vital for the nation’s growing population.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley reports from Doha.

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Dr M Alison says:

So many haters here against Qatar. Does anyone of you ever being to Qatar ? I don't think so. Qatar is better than Some Western counties let alone Saudis and rest of golfs and has millions of population from acrosss the globe which they deserve to be respected.

GoldMan says:

The British government should apologize to the Indian people for brutally killing innocent civilians in the Jallianwala bagh massacre in India in the year 1919…..

random thought says:

Yaa after long time my Qatari people got some sense of humor from past 10 years I have been thinking what if other countries fight with my qatar it will run out of food and water and now the time has come but it's not too late may Allah SWT protect my qatar and bless it with happiness ameen

African Proud says:

the idiot thing here is they pay those workers from Nepal little salary of US$ 150. Also give them poor living conditions. then they shout to us here lots of noise largest in world while workers there are suffering no enough water while they are working especially in summer.

Chamluchi Magere says:

With Zero wages for workers in addition to poor living conditions hot and hot sun.

H Pn says:

I have read the commentary below…folks… People who don't get paid do not create these monumental structures. Slave labor can get you so far…the difference is in quality!

H Pn says:

The arabs are the builders of the world. I'm Greek American.
They have surpassed everyone.

Manseer Khan says:

Qatar abusing poor labours this is called modern slavery .qatar paying poor salary 16 hours one day working labours accomadation very dirty 15 people using one toilet and one rome 15 peoples are sleeping. Uk should put sanction against qatar migrant salary and human trafficking

shaw Lingham says:

US was built with slaves

jay kay says:

Is desalination sustainable and cost effective?

xXxEqSxXx says:

Built by slaves

Al Hag Harun says:

I hate when americans talk about slavery lol

gthreesix says:

You can't just call something clean energy because you want to……

Iqbal Hakim says:

I always cunfused when people said qatar un paid their workers…have you ever research that qatar has very little population and more than 80% population are foreigner specially from south asia.

Btw, most of qatar project was built by foreign company from europe, america, china and south how can you blame qatar for laborer issue..why dont blame those company..

Adidas and nike made their shoes in third world country. They paid their workers so you blame the country or the company ?..

lee zeo says:

Uae will bomb it, uae is jealous country.

TheMaster100 says:


eazzy ee says:

Butthurt people in comment section

Seven Sevens says:

Why dont they plant tree's lik ethe chine asre doing in the Gobi desert.

Colin Tan says:

Instead of spending billions on Moderate bros to kill mostly other Moslems, the Qatari emir should have more senses than camels.

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