You Will Not Believe The Blind Hatred Of Whites This Idiot Preaches & Teaches To His Own Children

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Pure Dumb Evil! 11 / 13 / 2017

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zeigfried says:

Wow. Yep, everyone wakes up everyday, plots out some new and inventive way to make life miserable for someone HE knows. Timeless, someone else is responsible for his dismal outlook. Something tells me paying for things is somewhat a foreign concept for this particular center of the universe kind of dude. Seriously, brought up the President as proof white people are dangerous as if the President just can't wait to ruin his life. What a crock, it's not hard to understand black people trust the wrong political types. Proof is right in the hood.

Wayne Daly says:

Racist pig needs to be fired, whats his name echo chamber

JazzAUPH says:

If Tucker would have said, if friends left you in times of trouble, then they are not really your friends regardless of color.

Michael DeSilvio says:

Two Pack smoked Biggie Small then Puff Weenie smoked Two Pack for Fifty Cent! Do you know what I'm saying? M&M do! Baracka Hussein was a ridiculous unvetted crack smoking homosexual muslim terrorist with a ugly transgendered turd burglar gargoyle for a wife, and IT murdered Joan Rivers! Do you know what I'm saying? Bath house Barry SODOMITE soetoro do!!!

visionv says:

Full of shit racist.

Beth B says:

The whole piece was worrisome, and his refusal to see that is disingenuous.

Internet Hardman says:

If they don't like it why do they continue to live here stinking up the place.They should be grateful to the white man for not punting them back on the congo boat the very second slavery was abolished.

James Lloyd says:

Just another RACIST. He is just as Mindless, STUPID and misguided as ANY other RACIST. That he is a professor is the best example of what happens in our Colleges and Universities. This is just HATE. This is what we have worked so hard to overcome. Reverend King must be looking at ALL his efforts being DESTROYED, in the main, by Blacks.

SubRosa33 says:

dont waste your breath Tucker

SubRosa33 says:

how does Carlson put up with these haters.

Sky Captain says:

Typical black Democrat.

Pierre Ouellet says:

ALL professors should be fire everywhere NOW! No matter the color, they are traitors and have destroy a entire generation. Enought is enought, start eliminated them.

Jordan Diddy says:

I love how he calmly proves Tucker wrong w/ real facts. May not be facts for alot of people in these comments but yall have never been black in America so of course yall ain’t gon understand what he’s talking about

Jason Bowman says:

Yes let's pretend there is no difference between whites and blacks ?!?!. Jesus…we are different.

John Thompson says:

This is a dangerous world

john vollmer says:

I find it kind of ironic that MLK Juniors message about judging someone by their character and not the color of their skin resignate with white Americans, since racism from white people is pretty much non-existent, while black Americans are essentially spitting in the face of Martin Luther King and calling everybody else racist and that's why the black community isn't successful.

Christopher Fiorentino says:

typical fecal hued asphalt ape

Micheal James says:

Hey what this guy says I'm okay with I don't want blacks to trust me I'm fine with that that's okay there's nothing wrong with me suspicious and protective of your own people

Jim Marcinko says:

Another adherent of utilitarian slave morality—rotten to the core, repugnant, ignoble and contemptible; a soulless corrupt rabble rouser with little or no intellectual integrity. I will judge you by the content of your character you disingenuous intellectually disenfranchised instinctually disinherited dirtbag.

FlamQ Dbltap says:

Fuck that idiot and his kids. He’s too stupid to understand he is raising potential violent criminals. Instilling hate in your children should be considered criminal behavior.

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