Brian Kilmeade Destroys The Angry PEARL CLUTCHING Big Bird Over MOORE LIES OF THE LOSE

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Brian Kilmeade Destroys The Angry PEARL CLUTCHING Big Bird Jessica Tarlov Over MOORE LIES OF THE LOSE . 12 / 4 / 2017

Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


john conner says:

0:25 to skip shit intro

Nicola Speirs says:

Jessica you're so full of crap, you need a to mount a toilet roll holder on your shoulder to wipe the crap from your mouth each time you talk.

K Mac says:

How hard is this, libs? Where's that YEARBOOK? Where the HELL is it? It's all Gloria Allred bullshit.

William Schutter says:

Billy Bush broke CA law by recording audio without permission. Lock him up.

E.L.Dorado says:

Those women that came out AFTER the Access Hollywood tape was released because it was easier to promote their lies.
Trump making jokes about how women throw themselves at celebrities is the exact opposite of what those phony women were claiming.

Hitlery is RACIST says:

That black shirt lady is a FUCKING IDIOT

Hitlery is RACIST says:

Obozo can go FUCK himself

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