Lisa Booth Comes Unglued Over Leftist Twit’s Laughter Over The Steinle Decision

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Lisa Booth Comes Unglued Over Leftist Twit’s Laughter Over The Steinle Decision . 12 / 4 / 2017

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ThoughtWave64 says:

I have a 3-clickbait rule….This is #1.
No one likes being fooled into watching a video…Sure you get more views short term, but over the long term you lose.

lances4803 says:

Click Bait video title.

Renee Nunya says:

UNSUBBING.. you're an ass who uses clickbait titles and other people's footage and I will spread the word around for others to unsub as well

Despiser Despised says:

The future for the Liberal Democrat seditious traitors in America will entail a LOT of "accidental shootings," from around 300m… They will deserve it for what they have done to Kate Steinle and the rest of America. That Lawyer had better have good armed security detail, for the rest of her life. Not sure that any "good" security would trade their life for hers. Im sure the wetback wouldnt. Tick Tock Bitch…

Patrick Dickey says:

Time to start Hanging Traitors!!

Patrick Dickey says:

Build the wall, Deport all Illegals!!!

Patrick Dickey says:

Dem's are working for soros & the NWO, not America!!!

K Mac says:

Somebody want to tell that idiot on the left what an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT is? And Lisa Boothe is sure easy on the eyes.

Talcum X says:

Do you sometimes feel like we are actually all part of a reality TV show? I cannot get my head around some of bullshit I am watching on TV right now. I think people need to get a grip. Before the wheels truly come off.

Rich Lewis says:

Lisa Boothe rocks

deke76 says:

Your intros are ridiculous. Your titles are misleading. Unsubscribing.

Blake Martin says:

Um, nobody laughed about the Steinle verdict. Surprised to see such a dishonest title from this channel.

Jim M says:

Everyone talks about reforming immigration law. How about enforcing the laws already on the books, and funding the Border Patrol correctly so they can enforce the law.

Bill M says:

Totally misleading video title

visionv says:

You stupid cunt, go suck some illegal dick. GTFO of this country you stupid, vapid, POS!

visionv says:

The 1st thing we do, get rid of all the libs!

Thomas Eggle says:

Am I the only one who finds it insane that the only time the left and the media cheer on Law Enforcement is when it comes to Sanctuary Cities protecting illegals. Hippocrates…all of them.

James Merz says:


JoJo max says:

The title for this video is somewhat misleading.. unless I missed something… ?.

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