Posing as a schoolgirl to expose online groomers – BBC News

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A BBC investigation has found online streaming apps used by children to make live broadcasts are being infiltrated by men trying to groom them.
Internet safety campaigner Qudsiyah Shah posed as a 14-year-old girl to find out what kind of dangers children could be exposed to on such services.
It comes as the National Crime Agency says it arrested more than 190 men across the UK in a single week in connection with sexual offences against children.

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Grey Chip says:

Hey BBC is going into secondary schools to teach kids about fake news, so a bit more brainwashing to believe only there Marxist anti-west shite.

reza choudhury says:

I mean just warn your kids about pervs on the Internet and not to listen to them.

Common sense.

Chloe Emilia James Stevens says:

I dont understand why people are so sick to target children like this they need to get a grip on there life’s

Darren Lawson says:

A lot of that goings on is students messing about with each others computers but paedos in paedo land, why didn't you tell your kids? Probably because you wanted to expose them.

AWResistance says:

I see you didn't cover those women who use these sites for attention and making money? Always the man's fault.

Miele Rodriguez says:

She should of gone on Jim'll Fix it in the 70s. That's when she was needed. The BBCs finest.

Al-Ikram Chowdory says:

This websites does more harm than good.

Dzooky P2P says:


das Dilemma says:

Wow there are creeps on the internet? Who would have thought?

Modern Woman Channel says:

heetendra rathor says:

All those app should be categorized as 18+

gary abbot says:

Is this to push Internet policing because she could have always gone off the site? Kids are safer in school we're they get to think about people the penis because of gender.

Karl Liebknecht says:

14 is the age of consent where I am from.
I don't see a problem if a guy in his late teens gets involved with a girl that young. If an older man does, however, it certainly is creepy and in bad taste, but not criminal.
Also, I don't quite understand this modern day puritanism that oversexualises young females whilst repressing sexual desire towards them.


Prophet Mohammed was Pedophile!
Edit: So as his followers…. So called Muslims!

B. Hagedash says:

Lock him in a cage with a book on grammar and don't let him out until he understands the difference between "your" and and "you're".

Kurt Boulter says:

Most likely they will accidentally catch several BBC executives and hosts with many in the house of commons, but most will be Islamic scumbags.

Triglav says:

If 14-years old female can give birth, she is not a child anymore.

Bex Ed says:

All anonymous sites are absolutely full with pedos.

Martin Hunt says:

Great work get them monster's

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