Russia warns Obama to tell the truth about Aliens

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CAJUN says:

why in the hell do humans have to use EVERYTHING as a god damned weapon? and they gotta kill everything that moves, makes me ashamed to be human

CAJUN says:


Donna Leon says:

all information from every country and allies did sign agreement to always tell what is known bout aliens
seems to be the people giving the info bout aliens not the govt

Li Jimmy says:

It won't be a mass disaster even baby now a day know aliens are real

Lizzo867 says:

I CANT WAIT FOR THE DAY WHEN WE WILL ALL JUST BE REFERRED TO AS EARTHLINGS! I dont like how they keep saying americans are freaking out. Maybe the american media or american elites but i'm american and excited that the truth is about to come out. Please don't lump the rest of us in with the crisis actors, corrupt politicians, and bad/fake journalists. They don't represent me or most american's points of view.

David Odom says:

dlholmes111…. exactly, thanks for that comment. people assume us Christians are so closed minded.

You're a God Ancap i will kneel before you says:

it sounds like someone did a shit job with auto tune.

drexl Sutcliffe says:

This is all part of the NWO Agenda to make God obsolete. As in we are but a grain of sand in a random universe that came to be by a random big bang.

Blaise Gauba says:

STOP using digitally created voice-overs goddess damn it! They are horrible! They do NOT pronounce words correctly…they have NO punctuation…they SUCK! I will NOT subscribe or give this video a thumbs up. Just can't!

Ron Winslow says:

Davos is a gathering of international criminals. The world needs to arrest them all!

Schultzz Schultzzkopf says:

This is a computer generated voice and it sounds like a  $hit salesman with a mouthful of samples.

Gman351 says:


ben1spain says:

Another BS vid

adam cox says:

ha. bullshit

WeveNever BeenAlone says:

I am doubtful that any of the American Presidents will ever tell the truth about aliens. They have too much to lose. So do not hold your breath for President Obama, or Clinton or Sanders or whomever to ever tell us. We will have to do disclosure ourselves.

Brandon Cortez says:

does anyone know the website that she said in the video if so please link it below. I am researching and linking together all extraterrestrial life communications. thank you

Mandy Smith says:

if 9/11 was really missiles and not the passenger aircraft, what about all the passengers then, and the messages they sent to loved ones, where are they…?? what really happened to them..??

tyson1ize says:

what a load of bullshitttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Is here says:

the fake voice drove me nuts but i made it through it

Rod Booth says:

This world would be so boring without the whack jobs. Come on let's have some more whackyness. What about Scotland's denial over the Loch Ness monster? Now there's a cover up and conspiracy.

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