John Oliver Is Trying to Educate Trump Through Commercials on Fox News

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John Oliver explains why he hates when people ask if President Trump makes his job easier, why he’s sure he’ll never meet his Lion King co-star Beyonce and reveals his plan to sneak information to Trump through ads on Fox News.
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John Oliver Is Trying to Educate Trump Through Commercials on Fox News – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


G Elliot says:

Any other Buglers here?

Esther Rogers says:

And that's how I wouldn't act around Beyonce, cause she is just anothsr person like me. A sucessful, working hard person.

Nicolas Rogner says:

rif rif rif

rejvaik says:

Have no idea who beyonce is just click for John Oliver

bayernmn10 says:

Totally didn't pick up on the subtle SNL dig, but having read about it I see it and he's genuinely right. The current cast is fine and Weekend Update is sufficient, but the writing staff needs some changes. As long as SNL gets laughs from premises that other comedians and shows have already done, it'll continue to be stale and easy to criticize by the right. I just can't tell if Seth leaving was the moment when the SNL decline began, or if he just got out and was able to establish his own voice and great content at Late Night before the SNL ship took everything down no matter who was on board. It could be argued that SNL has become worse by relying on sub-par trump jokes and sketches, but I really think the decline was in full swing once Pharaoh and Killam were fired. They were basically all that was left of a previously good cast, they got fired for no reason, and now they rely on people like Baldwin who, while funny, literally aren't even cast members just to keep breathing life into sketches that lost their humor months ago. What I really don't know if my love of good satire is stronger than my hatred of bad satire, but these two clearly embody good satire and SNL clearly does the same for what's bad about it. Bad satire is easy fodder for trump to launch at his base, and that just ain't good for anybody

miss42310 says:

now i want to see beyonce meeting john live

Joseph Petro says:

TLDR: 5:18

EvanStraightEdge316 says:

Found out Oliver is younger than Meyers.

demonic bunny says:

i think he is drunk

Skidush says:

i wonder what would happen if i put a pro trump comment here…

धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर says:

Ha ha ha ……ha ha….both said same thing…… Trump can't win. And now lecturing trump

msminmichigan says:

NBC needs to fire Fallon, make Seth the host of the Tonight Show, and make Amber Ruffin the host of Late Night.

Syed Ahmad Fathi says:

When the break will be over?

ASimoneau says:




Tara Trangmar says:

drum and bass Elvis tho… <3

OB G says:

John Oliver is like one of my favorite people ever. Such a great combo of funny and smart. Also these two have such a great rapport it wasn’t like watching an interview, it was a funny conversation.

Conscious Vibrations says:

Thank God for John Oliver and Seth <3

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