Milo Yiannopoulos at Parliament House Part 1

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Milo Yiannopoulos at Parliament House Part 1, despite an attempt by the Greens to ban him.While other media outlets canceled his interviews, they were scared to confront him on his views and reality on freedom of speech.
Part 2 to Follow


Mario Vorkauf says:

what a bunch of gutless wonders the media is no substance and a bunch of wimps as it is in this society in australia as they are to be scared of free speech nothing more said it speaks about the media which is fake news as trump would say hahaha!!!!

Ultimatecheezeburger says:

The alt right literally just means alternative right. It was broad spectrum that including anyone who defied mainstream(John Howard, George Bush, Ben Shapiro type) neoconservatism. Just cause some Nazis used the label doesn't mean we have to abandon it. Especially when people like Milo and PJW used to include themselves in it.

Jaynome Roma says:

Thank you Milo, Australians need to wake up about their precious parties that say nothing do nothing and don't give a rats about THE PEOPLE as a whole, lead by the nose bags.

Andy Mac says:

Constant cameras klicking and crap sound almost makes this unwatchable . Shame.

destiny's remorse says:

milo has to be the only person to ever make parliament house interesting

Baron Kalita says:

The trigger on the lady in the front is real lmao.

Justin Time says:

I think the ones that didn’t clap knows something we don’t.

Glenn Partridge says:

Their was something up with Pauline Hanson, stony faced, no clapping and disappeared half way through.

Hagal wolf says:

Milo is ZIOnationalist controlled opposition

Maude Beth Mathilde Haworth says:

Love this guy!

Soul Equaliser says:

The Parliamentary Audio Visual Services (ParlAV) obviously doesn't consider quality sound to be essential to their product/service.    Australia could possibly save money and acquire a better quality of professional audio production by outsourcing the audio work to the  private sector who consider sound quality as essential to their organisations' reputations and ongoing contractual obligations.
To ParlAV,  lift your game or shove off and let some real professionals do the work. 
Here's a link to a camera that did pick up the audio system properly.

Shea Mcleod says:

The australian government is pretending to come accross as alt right,but that is far from the truth when does the australian goverment tell you when to get vaxed, how to vote, support the mass killing machine of london ,rome ,Washington ,sell our country to foreign investor ,roll out lies through mainstream fake news ,cover up pedophilia, support the lbgt agenda support agenda 21

Natmanprime says:

Islam is anti JEWISH not anti Semitic. Semite is a group that includes Arabs as well. I wish people wouldn't make that misnomer.

Jas A says:

My questions to all females who claim not be a feminist are these:

1. Why do you not oppose male genital mutilation when you oppose FGM?
2. Would you allow men to have the same reproductive rights that a female has? Will you allow men to say "No, I do not want to be a father." and allow that man to be legally absolved of his responsibility just like females can?
3. Will you allow men to have vasectomies or any other sterilisation technique without their wive's permission just like a woman can get sterilised without her husband's permission?
4. Will you allow mandatory paternity testing so that men cannot be legally cuckolded by a female?
5. Will you vote to make the marriage and family laws fair again?
6. Will you allow the truth about domestic violence be voiced by women like Erin Pizzey, and have the misandric Duluth system removed?
7. Will you push for females to get the same sentencing for the same crimes as men?
8. Will you push to have the sexual assault laws changed so that a drunk man can also be made legally incapable of giving consent, just like a drunk female cannot legally give consent even if she gives an enthusiastic "Yes"?

Will any of you push to make the necessary changes?

If you a female who claims to be an anti-feminist and can't answer 'yes' to any of these questions than you're full of shit and still a feminist. You still subscribe to their ideologies.

Robyn Hefferan says:

Couldn't those photographer move out of the way for the talk.

DeadSF says:

Thanks for the upload

moonji Munji says:

Milo for prime minister of Australia

Rick Matt says:

That was very informative and entertaining thank you Senator David Leyonhjelm for inviting Milo to visit Parliament house, and thank you Filipinos in Australia for putting the full interview on you Tube.

Joe Blow says:

As a conservative I shouldn't like Milo but man how can you not like this guy!

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