Multiple Dead & Wounded in California Shootings, Including School Students – LIVE COVERAGE

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Multiple deaths and injuries have been reported in shootings at seven locations in Rancho Tehama in Northern California, including an elementary school. Several students are among the wounded. We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of the Rancho Tahema, California shootings.

LIVE NOW: Multiple Dead & Wounded in California Shootings, Including School Students – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

Watch the LIVE STREAM of CA shootings coverage with Steve Lookner

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Mill Stacka says:

False Flag again

Brian Tyler says:

Instagram Hacking in 24 hours, dm me @tylbrian

rayism 24b says:

What purpose is this guy? Repeat fake news. Confirms 0%. Yet uses the word "confirms" repeatedly.

rayism 24b says:

Why is this report made in the country?

rayism 24b says:

11:00 Cop making it up as he goes along. "We have 100 LEOS at the scene. "WE ARE SPREAD THIN" …….."BUT WE HAVE A LOT OF RESOURCES". This is pathetic, a pizzagate distraction.

rayism 24b says:

So, put some crime tape across a country road. Give a kid a mic who can't make eye contact. He's dead. Pathetic

Edward Anderson says:

It's Ta-hey-ma not Ta-ha-ma

Derryck Heimsoth says:

all yopu do is google not a real news program get a job

THarrison004 says:

We need to round up all the liberals and keep them away from people,their to dangerous to let loose.


I guess CNN Fox News just getting used to shooting I see that they don't care anymore 🙁

mw10259 says:


Body Of Iron says:

Tasty critter, hes your brother from another mother dude, just another domestic white terrorist. He was actually a Trump supporter like you. Go figure.

Louise Smith says:

Killings are going to continue to escalate .Its the democrats population control and gun control .Shooter is either a CIA or FBI or Muslim . These are the people they use to control the narratives .Wheres the facts about Vegas and the victims who are still alive ?

Glenn Kirste says:

it was a hoax….there you go…moving on.

Ethercruiser1 says:

Another story which when I checked the MSM was absent. You are doing a good job RSBN!

Rob StGeorge says:

The sound engineer on the scene and the dork holding the mic down at his belly button both ought to be flogged for such a poor audio coverage. (SMH)

B Sparks says:

pronounced “tah hey ma”

Andrew Interrupted says:

Stop being repeaters!
Always assume "gun grab" hoax first.
Watch some Ole Dammegard videos.

Joe says:

Joshua works for YouTube. Don't trust him.

hueykhalidX says:

Kkkave apes are chimping out as usual. These white thugs and domestic terrorists must be stopped! And what about white-on-white crime?!

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