RT Podcast: Ep. 469 – Ellie Calls Out Gavin x

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Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Ellie Main, and Burnie Burns as they discuss internet scams, British and American differences, taxes, and more on this week’s RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 5, 2017, sponsored by Casper (bit.ly/2sa1gGZ), Blue Apron (cook.ba/1YpCafL), MVMT (bit.ly/2AdONpA) Join FIRST to watch episodes early: bit.ly/2uNNz0O

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Joshua Snapp says:

Are you telling me people don't the difference between upside down and backwards? Before someone says they could mean the same thing depending on the situation, in Gavin and Meg's context it is not the same thing.

zJonah says:

Ask Ellie to be on more pls

needamuffin says:

So what I'm hearing is that if you have leukemia, you can commit all the crimes you want and they can't identify you through any blood you leave behind.

metalbeast1998 says:

They were literally talking about credit cards and right after they talked about it I got a discover card ad.

TheWlfmn says:

gavins, not wrong trump is our president we are collectively as a whole, stupid compared to other first world countries.

LexTrueno says:

Bernie with eye make up and Ellie on the show? This is a Christmas miracle.

LifeWithPortals says:

Ellie is the most average person

DarkPhantom10 says:

The alphabet we use is Latin/Etruscan, the 'J' was the last character added in the 16th century as the 'i' sufficed. It wasn't Julius but IVLIVS. And the numbers are Arabic.

I know they got their questions answered but I enjoy sharing knowledge.

Erin Tuncan says:

Just for the record, on a purely scientific basis you would not want to eat a person, if you think about how much regulation and care goes into making our meat and compare that with all the gross and poisonous stuff we put in our bodies plus diseases and things, people are absolutely filthy for consumption.

EmAllWasTaken says:

This is becoming my favorite quartet

MarcTurnbull1 says:

Burnie showing his naivety about British curry. There are more Indians in Britain that the whole of the US. Britain ransacked and owned India until after world war 2.

Smithy V says:

I miss when they used to put the links of stuff they talk about in the description

Joe Butler says:

Mate, cheesy chips and gravy is the best

Shmiddy Jankens says:

I use one finger as a way of saying “one second” rather than “I disrespect you and your values”

SPG1091 says:

Ehy, I live in Bournemouth. Small world

OverTheRedHood says:

Ellie looks hot and all, but Burnie be looking like a snack

Brandon Mccoy says:

The X conversation is hilarious. And amazing I never knew anything how about it.xxx

Nick Mclaren says:

I love how all of you in the comments think you're creative making the same "Barbara is Ellie" joke. You guys are so cool and original and funny

Aaron Sucks says:

to me holding up the finger like on a call or something is like, "just a second"

tom Hiester says:

holding up the finger is NOT rude

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