Latest Atrocities in Modern Art

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Modern art is a reflection of how we’ve lost faith in western civilization.


The Truth About Modern Art –

Why Modern Art is Absolute Crap –

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Paul Joseph Watson says:

YouTube unsubs people every time I upload a new video. Please SUBSCRIBE. Thank you.

DMLAM5 says:

My niece learned in her college art class that the primary use for modern art is money laundering.

boeingdriver29 says:

Good on you Paul. Art for imbeciles.

polemeros says:

Modern Art is an excellent analogue for Modern Progressive Politics: Elites getting you to take seriously what is essentially worthless crap.

JAGGEDcut says:

What a bunch of UNBRIDLED FAGGOTRY! There's a title for that painting! "Unbridled Faggotry" painted in red, the color the blood pouring out of my head after killing myself as I can no longer share the same world as these FUCKING SCUM! "Fucking Scum" will be the name of my next piece… it will feature an untouched up, random picture of Hillary KKKillstons!

Ethan Moon says:

The janitor in the art department at my college would wouldn't sweep up a pile of sawdust without asking the teachers, "Is this art?" She had already gotten in trouble for destroying students' "sculptures" because she literally thought they were trash.

R. gmail says:

I need to strap a paint brush to my dogs butt so I can sell some "modern art" and rake in some serious $$$$$.

Wyatt G says:

Money laundering at its finest.

Ásatrú Björon says:

I am artist. I clicked the like button.

Ex-Liberal says:

Modern art, the trannies and the church of satan all have one commonality: Anything goes. It feels right, do it. Do what thou wilt.

Just Blaze says:

A link to this video should be put up in an art museum so 100 years from now they won't think all of us were absolute shitheads. Shit. I hope this gets better 100 years from now

Jeff M says:

My 4 year old's kindergarten art must be worth millions!!

zghvbn1 says:

let me off I've had enough

Jessie Ly says:

Bahahaha he mentioned the art in Calgary !!!! Calgarians were pissed about that !

Tiger Feather says:

Talentless hacks who want to feel better about themselves have hijacked art. It's what happens when you hand out trophies for participation.

Albert Edwin Flury says:

Modern art is complete trash. Waist for ignorant people.

Graham Mckenzie says:

This crap is the same garbage that was produced in 1920s Berlin which resulted in people voting for the Nazis . Plus ca change….

Colonel Burton says:

So wait. Let me get this straight. Are you saying the emperor has no clothes on? You know what they say about people who can't see the emperor's new clothes, right?

SamStuart07 says:

Modern Art is far from modern. It's barbaric and primitive.

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