Outnumbered Overtime 11/30/17 | Fox News November 30, 2017

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Outnumbered Overtime 11/30/17 | Fox News November 30, 2017
Outnumbered Overtime Hosted by Harris Faulkner
Official channel – www.youtube.com/user/FoxNewsChannel


Gladie Buyan says:

Paul Ryan Struggles To Explain Why Trump Shouldn't Have To Resign Over Sexual Misconduct Claims – HuffPostapple.news/AWPdd_SJNSh6pmFCcfiIkBA

John Thomas says:

Tillerson stepping down????…where is this shit coming from, where is the context? other than "have you stopped beating your wife yet"?

Paul Nolan says:

Please try really hard to focus, read, & understand :

Hating your fellow citizens for their religions & skin hues,
voting against regulations that keep workers safe & the environment clean,
denying global warming and climate change,
opening coal mines instead of investing in alternative energy technologies,
subverting the constitutional right to a free press,
slashing federal programs that aid the most vulnerable citizens,
supporting trashy elites & corrupt money whore cronies who’ll never give a shit about anyone but themselves,
giving tax breaks to the wealthiest people & corporations,
while increasing the debt and taking from the lower/middle income earners

— weakens America & Americans!

S_exual harassing,
M_isogynist in the White House.

TSARISM = autocratic government

STOP pretending he's actually capable of governing.
STOP cheering & applauding his DISGUSTING LYING BULLSHIT.
He will NEVER be a real President of the United States.?

edwardschlosser1 says:

This broad is so stupid. She is the perfect example of why women are unfit for public office, and shouldn't be allowed to vote at all. North Korea will get a nuclear ICBM because we have stupid, cowardly, idiots as elected officials. A strong, well run government would have leveled North Korea by now. When the fuck are these imbeciles going to wipe out North Korea? The longer you wait, the bloodier it will be, and it is going to have to be done some time. The time to nuke North Korea was yesterday, you asshole cowards.

Michael Angelo says:

Harris is beautiful and brains to boot . Mmmmm ! I know by our warped standards today this is a “ bad “ thing to say but I will NEVER fall victim to the absurdity of political correctness . Say it like it is .

Michele Patak says:

Cold war France are you freaking kidding me right now you know you're not supposed to see lollipops and cupcakes okay you're supposed to have difference of opinion and be able to bump heads and come to compromise is so real. Crash I don't know what happened to you either?

Michele Patak says:

What is this reporting you're doing like honestly I got I'm really confused right now like you're talking about a whole bunch of crap that you don't even know anything about who reported the some sores did you ask Tillerson if he's going to be stepping down or anything did you ask anybody I mean you just take these sources or you getting it from other news sources or something because you're just having a whole report on stuff that isn't even verified

Michele Patak says:

Did u even ask Tillerson of he's gonna step down??

Michele Patak says:

Okay Fox News shouldn't you check on this stuff ask the people involved before you go reporting on all this? Like where did you even get this from?

Dale Young says:

Wind erg paintings

Clifford Mcbee says:

Harris is a timeless ebony goddess. Beautiful in mind soul body. A wonderful rep. Of hope..director of answer the a.American needs to hear. You have been fooled by demos.

Rough And Wretched R.A.W. says:

Horse shit. Don't care what the payout reason is. All names for all cases on that slush fund should be released. Keeping it to sexual only is censorship. Harassment doesn't have to include sex to be bad.

Jacko B says:

Harris is doing a good job

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