The Truth About #Brexit

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What they’re NOT telling you about Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

Clips taken from Brexit: The Movie –

Statistics from Dan Hannan’s book – Why Vote Leave

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jonah eyers says:

Who would want to immigrate into our country in its current state, you brexiteers are sure good at scaring them off with RUINING the country that I LOVE!

Pitter Griffin says:

This man meked me anti eu in 19 minutes

Taha Tuncel says:

Turkey threatening EU? Dude please, we can't even control our own shit in here.

Andrew says:

Wow I can't believe this. I used to be against Brexit, after thinking through it thought, I realised how bad the E.U. is. This video was the killing blow (along with the shit in Sweden).

IceAlpaca 11 says:

I want my country ( Ireland ) to leave that crooked dictatorship

x SANDINISTA x says:

keep fighting…no second vote, no to the corrupt EU, no to the globalists


N0tMuchN0rmal says:

Jean Claude Juncker is a piece of shit.

Leon Comeau says:

Doe's the name Bill Morneau ring a bell?…. Canada's criminal crime wave is on TV now and everybody is clueless

Daheadsmiter says:

Starting to think Hitler should have won

Elaine Kingston says:

And the EU members of Parliament don't even pay any tax!!!

uclaztec2 says:

I'm convinced this guy is a Russian troll feeding you all BS. Just look at the videos this guy makes. Be careful of this channel.

tentimetex says:

You cannot compare the UK to Switzerland. Swiss is a homogeneous population and culture: levels of intelligence, education and income are more or less the same. Also, it is a very small country with a small population. The UK is the opposite: differences in levels of intelligence, education, background are bigger, which means you cannot have real direct democracy, that would be too dangerous.

Mael Radec says:

You must see this

Jokes Phone Macher says:

One day it will all come back to the eu everbody gets what he deserves
The immigrants will come to their houses and threaten them

viewfromeastnwest says:

juncker is the worst kind of s h i t. he is f r u c k i n g evil. To think he is just a leader of a small country called Luxembourg.
Why are the Europeans allowing un-elected POS to run their lives?

David Davies says:

We're not getting out of brexit even what they tell you. They're tying us into a military Union. We're not changing our policy on immigration. And they're making changes in policies, which shouldn't effect us if we're leaving. But T May is taking on these policies

John Johnson says:

2 years later and Britain still hasn't left the EU. That simply proves that what PJW says here is true!

Fate Kleinz says:

Funny how dear white people's ad was playing in the beginning of the video lel

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