The Cathy Newman Lie

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Analysis – 30 times more violent sexist abuse at Peterson & his supporters


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Redtail45044 says:

She's appropriating Anita's culture of tactics! I tease. But interesting perspective, to say the least.

Raymond Chetta says:

Peter Griffin says it best…

PandaWaffle3 says:

You mean the MURDER of Cathy Newman L O L?

Jelle Verest says:

I fully understand that the things that are happening around this debate are less than civil, but I still think that Newman should be commended for her good response to this situation. She was a good sport before and after the debate, and I believe that the media surrounding her is acting on her behalf.

I don't think smearing opponents will lead to solutions, it will only lead to radicalisation.

ChildoftheKoRnf9 says:

Lol, she said Viva feminism and Viva Free speech in the same sentence.

john smith says:

Someone did a index and the JP received much more abuse than Cathy. Completely destroying the narrative (sound familiar Cathy)

Rob Vel says:

Here’s the problem with your proposition for an honest conversation between the two. Her kind of feminism is not honest. It rests on talking points that are too vulnerable to facts.

MrBDB001 says:

It was clear form the start that Cathy Newman had an agenda. You must remember Dr. Peterson was there to promote his new book. Ms. Newman mentioned the book twice I believe and that was all. For the rest , well those who have seen the interview know her true focus. I would like to see another interview as your post has also stated, however I believe like most that Ch.4 will never allow this to happen. Having so badly handled the interview and the orchestration of the aftermath to claim victim status precludes this. I can see some light in the fact that this interview has garnered such interest and Will be used in teaching moments if only by those at ch. 4 to demonstrate how not to interview those intelligent people they might consider interviewing in the future. As for the threats, that is something they will have to fully explain and site examples to satisfy most of the 5 million viewers. It is my hope that those of us in the middle will finally have a wedge against the generalization that all men are evil incarnate and responsible for all our current problems. Then maybe we can have a conversation with some intelligence to actually discuss our differing views.

Butch Seeger says:

internet is crazy, so many people seeking attention from someone else's interview so their video can get attention then someone else can get attention from their video about someone else having a conversation

Jazz King says:

Cathy Newman's dishonesty, bitchiness and idiocy do not make a very effective argument for equal pay for women. BTW in the U.S. equal pay for equal work regardless of gender has already been the law since The Equal Pay Act of 1963. Look it up, kids.
Just about everything you have been told by leftists are goofy lies meant to make people hate based upon their superficial differences, and vote for bigoted demagogues who push this divisive crap.

John Morlar says:

William F. Buckley was (((controlled opposition)))

Uri pita says:

She looks like a lobster.

Dashed says:

Are you honestly expecting that to happen though?
A constructive debate?
Seems to me like you're still to hopeful about the left and right debating on policies instead of personal attack after personal attack.

Philippe Burrelle says:

I thought you were going to conclude with, "…but Leftists are neither thoughtful nor constructive as witnessed in this recent surreal journey…to the Leftist Twilight Zone."

Shirley Upvall says:

First, never listen to someone with a heady, nasal squeeky whiney voice. My hair stands up with the pitch

TheGreen Jarret says:

Newman is a tranny. Non-event. Next level misogynist come on stage disguised as a woman. Effing WOW.

Sadpants McGee says:

So what you're saying is all women are liars?

Pat Morrow says:

Why do you keep calling this a debate?

Michael Welch says:

Very good critique of the Newman/Peterson debate. Fully a noble thought that we should ask the Newman's of the left to be intellectually honest and consider the other side argument honestly talk about the ideas. Strawman adhominem reducto absurdum these are fallacies not logical arguments.

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