Canadian helicopters: Philippines president wants to cancel multimillion-dollar deal

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The president of the Phillippines wants to cancel a multimillion-dollar deal to buy helicopters from Canada.
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Francis says:

On the grounds of "putting to many confidence" i guess our Pres. Is correct but then that is the job of capitalism to maximize your profit even if the one in need is really in need. I don't know why this report offends me but don't get me wrong i did not vote for him but he is my country's president so i must abide by him if i can't respect him as a person at least his title, age and social stature i must. Anyways i like that the Philippines is noticed by foreign media but please don't be one sided you media personalities and your crew are more influential than celebrities if you can study and try to give the underlying circumstances why then whether you agree or not emphasize that it is your opinion and may or may not represent the truth and so on regardless if it a analysis or just a flash report because you can defame our prestige, reality not just from your fellow westeners or other races but also from us natives i hope people in media be careful.

jeff Honra515 says:

The Phillipines SHOULD cancel Canadian helicopter order. Plenty of alternative for the Phillipines to choose from. Can tell em (canada) to go fly kite.

Richelle Torrijos says:

Canada poor boy.

Local Fixx says:

The so-called reporter in the video clearly stated that there was no confirmation of a hearsay accusation, but repeated it as newsworthy anyway.

Amy Kpet says:

Check video of philippines fighting ISIS in philippines. Helicopters could be used.

Antonio Ribeiro says:

Good job, Mr. President. This Canadian teenager was in need of a place.

Austin P says:

This is not right. Third world countries like the Philippines don't have rights to compare with Saudis & other unpleasant countries to purchase Canada's military hardware. Not fair.

Regie MC says:

Ok, we respect Canada's decision. Just remember this though "The Philippines will forever not trust Canada". There are many reasons why we should not trust Canada and one of which is the broken promise of taking its garbage out of our country.

Angelo Villafuerte says:

China Philippines russia against canada

Richard Aldea says:

Z-10 of china attack helicopter is better

lucia Relabo says:

God bless you Mr are God send to save the filipinos.thank you.woe to this people who works against you.

Jezlyn Low says:

Isn't it ironic that he was accuse of violating human rights and yet 16million Filipinos voted him and still love and respect him????

Raymund Patriarca says:

Western Media always think that our president Duterte is a Human violators. for me as a Filipino I feel safer unlike the past administration…

Mark Anthony Canillas says:

When Terrorists is next in Canada's doorstep..They surely regret their hypocrisy policy.
#LiberalCANADA at its finest

Luciano Aurio says:

Now I see the color of Canada and what's trudue is wearing

garfield yan2 says:

their are some dis advantage buying russian helicopters.. bcoz philippines is a tropical country, some russian plane not intended to use in a tropical country.

abby films says:

Cancel it! Good look for another supplier. I am not supporting your party next election. Wasted my vote for treating the Philippines like trash!

James Tan says:

continue buying the choppers, load them with garbage they dumped on the Philippines and send them back to canada full of garbage

flower child says:

don't buy pink helicopters

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