How waste from all of the world is ending up in the Arctic Ocean – BBC News

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Plastic waste is increasing in the supposedly pristine wilderness of the Arctic. Scientists say almost everywhere they have looked in the Arctic Ocean, they’ve found plastic pollution. In the northern fjords of Norway, one man is on a mission to pick up as much plastic as he can.
Video journalist: Charlotte Pamment

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true survivor says:

Republicans are like….what trash? Fake news….

Mark Shaw says:

I can't put into words how I truly feel about the disgusting nature of the human race and what we do to ourselves and our planet but I do blame issues such as this on the people ultimately responsible for allowing the production(government) it's useless laws, and the manufacturers themselves for this awful tragedy… I have always believed that leaders and laws are misleading and unless something affects them personally little is done about anything of this nature (wonder how much plastic resides in their stomachs)….
and i am sure some will disagree my thoughts in that statement……
But if the issue with plastics and it's ingredients for it's production and producing alternative packaging is down to cost (as I am regularly told) let's just see how many manufacturers miraculously do manage to produce packaging that's eco friendly when forced to do so which hopefully won't be that long now….

James Ru says:

Just keep having more kids and go shopping.  Nothing to see here.

Xavier Butler says:

Turn girl engineering walk east garlic hint relate arrest African unlikely amid.

Infernal460 says:

Thankyou nature.

Goldfinga Sliverfinga says:

How come BBC don't report on GANGSTALKING agencies destroying families in uk

Freya Evershed says:

What an inspiration

Red Machine says:

The Americans deliver portable anti-aircraft missile systems to terrorists in Syria!

Obama Colluded With Putin says:

LOL!!!! "RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government"
"BBC is a publicly funded British broadcaster"
gotta love the orwelian propaganda!!!

eric lovelace says:

Why are there such close up camera shots of the discarded plastics – is it because a wide shot would show that this story is in fact another complete made up crock of shite from the fake commie 'news' channel?

Tabledespion Gaming says:

He need an award for this… it's very Sad… What have we done… Horrible.

Prins Ricky says:

get rid of all human!

Vance H says:

Save Our Planet.

pablo9364 says:

What’s the sources ?

Cenk Uyger says:

The BBC is FAKE news.

viva padrepio says:

I once saw Crooked Hillary dumping her soiled Depends into the ocean. Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!

philip harmony says:

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MRTN13 says:

Has Trump been informed? Climate change is a hoax of course, but those plastic bottles should not be a threat to White Supremacist Fantasy Norway.

Ahil Kannan says:

Some times, some men get aware of the fact that we live in the grace of mother nature and not vice versa. Salute.

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