‘I didn’t want to become a celebrity’ – BBC News

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Robert Kelly’s famous BBC interview has propelled him to celebrity status worldwide, and he says people photograph him “getting out of taxis and buying milk”. The video won TV moment of the year at the 2018 Broadcast TV Awards.

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Big Wasabi says:

I simply am baffled by why this man couldn’t just have his children with him during the interview and why the wife needs to “ feel ashamed “ by simply being at home with the children ! It’s so not fitting in a modern world and this “dad” does NOTHING to pick up his children or anything because he is simply focused on himself ! It’s so bizarre so stupid and an example of a common antique way of looking at a family

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Matthew Dance says:

Fake news 101.

Rodney Gipson says:

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ravenshireful says:

boring news from marxists that hate British culture, don't pay the fee.

V Dj says:

Ppl r stupid who r following him.i m sure he kicked his wife after that an incident.

Nellie K. Adaba says:

This is old.

Eren says:

Lovelyy ahaha

teddy81 says:

Um, you're not a celebrity I am sorry to say. You're a creepy British guy with a teenage Asian bride

NATIVE latinos ftrump says:

I got the same map ":-)? 🙂

ShaRMz6g says:

Damn they need some more celebrities over there. America could def spare a few. We have too many lol

fredo1070 says:

Never gets old.

PotatoEskimos says:

I thought that was his nanny.

Coretta Hattereaux says:

I’d stop to get his autograph like he was Paul McCartney.

Subham Bhattacharjee says:

Good thing that BBC did.

Duricas says:

Why would I want his autograph? He's nobody to me. Inconsequential. Unimportant. And, also, I have a life.

Tuna Dump says:

when I was child, I did same thing like the kid in video, entering room without knocking when my father was working (reading books), my father almost killed me.

Super Hans says:

Why is this shit being raked up again? He's not a celebrity, nobody even knows his name.

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