Made out to look beautiful and sent out to die – BBC News

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In 2017, 133 children were used in ‘suicide’ attacks in north-east Nigeria. Two-thirds of them were girls. Fourteen-year-old Falmata is one of hundreds of children and young women who have been forced to become ‘suicide’ bombers for the militant group Boko Haram in recent years. This is the story of how she was abducted and how she escaped. Not just once, but twice.

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Christine says:

You didn't tell us how she got back to her family, and was able to have the vest removed…

Goldfinga Sliverfinga says:

This is how BBC is stirring hate

Jose Simental says:

This is Islam at its purest. Violent, sexist and deceitful. And while politics and greed and power are also at play, it’s the promise of a false hope attained through violence against those who reject it, that ultimately inspires people to do horrible things.


Islam is just a cult of satan

Dan Mburu says:

Lets call it what it is……………………… ISLAM!!!!!

Rostislav Adam says:

It is the normal way of extremists. They offers easy 'solutions' and brainwash their followers to do acts against themselves. It doesn't matter if they are 'Islamic', nationalist, or of any other group. If they have you one in their force, you almost cannot get rid of them.

ravenshireful says:

bbc promoted islamic terrorist for years and hate British culture, don't pay the fee.

Matt Apps says:

" 2/3rds of them were girls " – eer, so we should just forget the 1/3 which were boys? Why even include this?

Ammar bin Faisal says:

May Allah destroy boko haram

Hackney Cuck says:

……BBC report on Cape Town rainfall but not all the murdered white farmers.

Black Seed says:

Thank you for BBC for bringing the truth to light.

Akani Adem Arka says:

As a muslim ISlamism should be stopped it is an embarrassment to the world

King of the south says:

Get ready for more of this type of BS the western propaganda machine is going to worke in full force .they want to ruine west and north africa.because Nigeria is rich af and have alot of oil.

Fugley says:

Boko haram? More like joko harambe

Rpy Lamp says:

All muslims comment here. Lets get real. Give u an example. If i shit on your quran and draw muhammad taking shits, would it be justified in your religion to kill me!? Yes. In fact you will go to heaven if you kill me.
Christians if i shit on your bible and drawing jesus taking shit, would it be justified in your religion to kill me? No. In fact you are supposed to forgive me and pray for me. If you kill me for whatever reason, you will go to hell. Now tell me which one is a religion of peace?

manontopdonn says:

Look at this stupid title the BBC puts out. They play a significant role in promoting Islamophobia!

,jgvfyufcgvk' says:

Not much reporting from the BBC on the syrian/afghani murders in Germany. Or the 000's of people marching in protest about uncontrolled immigration.

Borode Adewumi says:

An example of a shithole country.

indonesian maid says:

Nice cartoon from BBC, thank you

YaakovKatz says:

good ol religion of peace

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