MUST WATCH! Ben Shapiro And Milo Yiannopoulos Discuss Trump And How To Defeat The Leftist Propaganda

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Ben and Milo sit together to talk about Donald Trump, Hollywood liberal bias and a variety of issues!! Clip taken from Politicon 2015 Breitbart Panel Talk. (10/12/15)


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mashroob says:

Ben and Milo in the same room??? How did I miss that?

FeArlessGamingStudios says:

What a fucking awesome video

Corey S. Vaughn says:

Robert Davi = Legend

Conscious Vibrations says:

it's great and entertaining how arrogant Milo is I'm a new fan

Conscious Vibrations says:

hope this movement takes over the political stage. these should be the debates we get to see. our generation doesn't give a fuck about mainstream news anymore I applaud everyone who is with me

Conscious Vibrations says:

No way! I can't believe then finally agreed that they got together just started this very excited

irradiatedbadger says:

What was the joke ben made to milo at the beginning after milo said vampire shapiro?

IskurBlast says:

It is such a shame that the two greatest political minds in the new right hate each other. This circular firing squad has to stop. I get that there are personal issues between the two over their time at Breitbart that we dont know about but the two need to bury the hatchet.

Milo is a much different person than we was just a few years ago now that he has settled down. We need someone like Gavin to hold a beer summit between the two.

hdaNhun says:

woah they even got Kolya

Luke DeLeon says:

I like how Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannapolis can talk all that shit about each other in their private speeches, but when it really came down to business, they were willing to ignore all faults and differences; and just talk like civilized men. These aren't celebrities, people. These are the real professionals. This is what self control looks like.
EDIT: haha, I love that the general media didn't cover this one. Still portraying Ben Shapiro as the "angry conservative", I see. On a scale of -20 to 10, how angry does Ben Shapiro look right now, to be conversing with a gay man?

Chris J says:

What is the disagreement between Ben and Milo anyway? I never quite got it. Is it just policy or what?

Gage Stevenson says:

Its truly wild how friendly they were, laughing at each others jokes, agreeing with each other. it makes you wonder how perfect they would have been together and how not only could've Ben sharpened Milo, but they could've toured colleges together and the right would truly be a threat… think about it; to a leftist, these two on the stage together in the video must be the definition of fear itself.

jaimas rivera says:

No shit. These two? Together?

JV Strats says:

0:48 Look at Milo, is he drunk?

sass82 says:

90% OF JEWS ARE DEMOCRATS ! they like more North korea then first family and their voters ,.., so who is your enemy ?

zenith x says:

As someone who is a part of the gaming community. I don't give a shit about rl politics as long as my new game installments keeps coming out I'm chill.

Knuklez says:

Is this before or after Ben lefted Beirbert?

ThePsychoSocial says:

Add Mat Heimbach and Richard Spencer to this, would make it even more intresting.

fam ollie says:

Wait they were In the same room, why haven't I known about this

nkw1985 says:

Wow I have been watching them both for years and knew they were co-workers at Breitbart but I never knew they shared a stage or were in a video together. I personally love them both while giving a slight edge to Milo just because I like his devil may care attitude and amazing talent at pissing off the left. Ben Shapiro is awesome too though and is so fucking intelligent. It's a shame they couldn't remain friends but much respect to them both.

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