Pence Just Put ‘Rocket Man’ on Notice with MASSIVE Announcement that will Strangle Him To Death!

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Mikael Thalen for InfoWars reports, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence stated Wednesday that the White House is preparing to unveil the “most aggressive” sanctions ever against North Korea.

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Dennis Schell says:

DIM BULB DUNG needs a dirt nap…

Steven Acord says:

Good news there they one crazy psycho

Jason Miller says:

I know your giving away some gold, get to the news.

John Orr says:

Your damn contiuous lengthy gold and giveaway ads have cinched it for me… Unsubscribed today. Good luck to you all

Lorie Parker says:

I think if we ban all adult diapers and short pants to N Korea little chub bub will be freaking out!

Marilyn Dillard says:

Hope rocket man shits his pants or Falls an breaks his fat neck. Oink oink he needs to be scared..really

Wayne Christie says:

Let the Koreans work it out dont need Pence he no good

Elva Fae says:

That's My Vice President!!!!!!!

Dixie Fish 01 says:

China yes. Iran of course long story there. Russia probably not they are more Christian now more then in recent past.

Lee Farmer says:

Not really news worth reporting, China's still giving rocket man everything he wants.

FrostyShark420 says:

That gold would help my family unimaginable

Centauri A says:

Hey Gary, I've heard yesterday that North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un have sent Moon-Jae-In (South Korean President) an invitation to Pyongyang to discuss some stuff. Should he go there or no? I mean the Olympics has just started in Pyongchang, South Korea and Kim Jong Un have sent his sister Kim-Yo-Jong to South Korea for the Olympics to meet with Moon-Jae-In and South Korea didn't take them hostage or anything as they try to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

TheAirheaded1 says:

Sanction smanctions, he laughs when y'all slap him with some more papers!

zzzzzsleeping says:

You can isolate a couple of them, that's nice but you will also kill a million innocent north Koreans. They were already starving to death.

9Hand0Cannon7 says:

the Silver Fox's words cut like razors! A VP to be proud of.

Matthew Cox says:

Good. I am glad to hear that

Ange Pogorelec says:

that's what happened with Japan, ww2 are you sick of living.

Justin Owens says:

0:55 let me be your skip.

Humly Humly says:

Sanctions are useless! Send in Seal Team 6 and obliterate that fat little pig and let China take control of North Korea.

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