Sean Hannity 2/9/18 – Hannity Fox News Today February 9, 2018

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EAC says:

Bannon and Hannity, both misogynists, homophobes and racists.

kimberly montalvo says:

All the bricks the corrupt Left is sh*tting, we can build the wall LOL

Dinold Tramp says:

Devin Nunes looks and sounds as guilty as O.J. Simpson was. But still the gullible Fox viewers lap it up. America is doomed.

ThreesharpsA says:

The Clinton must be scrambling 24/7 to try and silence all the people who can come forward and bury them. There will be payouts, there will be threats and if need be, there will be deaths. So if you have experience in the mob, silencing people, there is a lot of work available through the Clinton Foundation.. And they have the money to pay well.

ThreesharpsA says:

The dems slight of hand isn't going to work on their unredacted memo. They left all the sensitive information in on purpose, so the DOJ would say they couldn't allow it's release. Suddenly all their lap dogs in the media are screaming about the GOP not wanting the "real" truth out there…Now the DOJ & FBI is going to redact the names and sensitive information and the dem memo will be released. Then the people will see there is nothing there that refutes the alarming information in the Nunes memo released last Friday (2/2).. Of course the dems can try and claim the memo was redacted to the point that it doesn't provide all the "truth"… Redact it and release it.

Lisa Libby says:

It would be interesting to see if that leaker winner chick was getting any payouts.

Harry Tuttle says:

Trump has Gods Protection .

Mr Mr says:

Hannity is a hack- he has continually reported multiple things as facts when actually keeps leaving out key parts of the facts. This is disgusting. Gorka and Cain have no credibility and it is no wonder they are constantly on fox- this is a bunch of spin- sure Clinton has done some shady things- Trump has done much worse- facts are facts- fox should no better than to stoke the more feeble minded viewers with half truths. Disgusting.

Rajesh Sachdeo says:

love the way you explain things in such a logical way

Guy Smith says:

A Massive Scandal that won't end well for the Democrats

Dorothy Ackles says:

Honestly Sarah what's the point with the cleavage? Seriously, what goes through your mind when you put on your neclace or when you take that last long look at yourself before you walk out the door? I wonder what Greg and Sean's wives think.

Michael Mercier says:

Who's the FISA judge?

Debora Adkins says:

Let Mueller finish…lol please if they had anything they would have used it before Trump became President!!!!.. You would have to be the dumbest person on face of earth not to know this….with all the crooked DOJ,FBI, …..and congressmen….our government is corrupted! The democrats are corrupted !!! Mueller is corrupted 100%!!!

Kay Hayden says:

Sean I used to be a Democrat but the Democrat party is not the party I remember. They need to move on and support our President, a President that is trying so hard to make this country great. It makes me sad to see all the hatred the left has for our President. He has done so much for everyone and could do so much more if the Democrats would just work with him.. I cant wait for everything to come out so people can see the Russia narrative comes from the left and not from the President. Great show Sean. I always know I can get the truth here. God Bless.

Katherine Collins says:


BJB BOZ says:

Sounds like Sanders involved too

King Fletch says:

Why not show the whole show with the video of the day?

James Rockford says:

Sean inshannity trying to win the war for Trump….Go Sean, Trump will prevail

bigwaverider says:

The Domino's are falling. Donna Brazille's book started the avalanche and the giant snowball is headed straight to Hillary.

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