Sean Hannity 2018 (Feb 10, 2018) – Hannity Fox News Today

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Jaime Velasquez says:


Lisa Lisa says:

BTW….The judge knew all about it. This was a judge that was appointed by Obama, and I'm sure Obama made a phone call to him asking him to put the FISA memo through.

Lisa Lisa says:

No need to worry about Trump. He's going to be fine. The rest of the liars and criminals won't be. God is cleaning house, and it has to be done on his time.

glomaster1 says:

Speaking of crimes of omission, why am I not hearing about how Republicans kept Planned Parenthood's full 500 million dollar funding in the budget. Many of us vote for Republicans because the say they're Pro Life, and they promised to defund Planned Parenthood. We don't want our tax dollars going to butcher babies!

TrueLifeSolutions says:

Insurance Policy=The impecment of Pres Trump!!!! STOP THE FRAUD INVESTIGATION AND CLEAR PRESIDENT TRUP!!!!

TrueLifeSolutions says:

It is so clear that the "russia" investigation was and is their "insurance policy" as now we hear there will be an indightment of Trump…Why is Muller being allowed to continue this farce? why isn't anyone getting rid of all these people that are planning to overthrow our president???

Ivy Istok says:

If it is political only….? why America is in debits… while the Democrat sale the country and people for themselves to gain wealth and POWER?……

Ivy Istok says:

All because of MONEY making?…… Nothing happened FREE for no reason……

Ivy Istok says:

The real criminal is Obama administration team… they are control of crime conmmit and have Hillary Clinton taken the fall first….?

MrRambo50 says:

Hannity you are doing a great job and we the people love you,thanks for standing for the people, of USA,we stand with you. Keep up the great work.

Susan Ingle says:

Why can't we just stop the uranium sale since it was an illegal act! RESCIND!!! now Mr. President!

Susan Ingle says:

These Democrats should be in prison!

deakon anderson says:

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