Super Bad Trumper Kat Pierson Slices & Dices Ex Shumer Aide Over The Shifty Schiff Memo

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Katastrophy Time For The Ex Shumer Slime… 2 / 10 / 2018
Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


christopher jones says:

God help us, he moved on from the Clinton Foundation, what the muck. Lakes of blood.

Joel Threatt says:

As humans we are offended by Joyless Behar

James Fulcher says:

FBI held the intel for over a year…who is the crooked here

Charles Harmon says:

As a human, I'm offended by Joyless Bahar.

John Ferguson says:

Thing I despise about Chris is that fake smile of his very creepy. One more distraction from the serious issues at hand.

Terry Mcgreevy says:


DuWayne Huss says:

The Clinton crime family needs to fall.

Draconis Dragonheart says:

Democrats don't care about woman. They use them as whores. This isn't Kelly's problem. He isn't incharge with background checks. My guess is the guy didn't have a conviction and therefore no record.
The more dangerous thing to me is the FBI and State Department working together to abuse the 4th amendment.

Echo Bluff says:

"Shut up, wrong think haver. We are enjoying the laugh."

Christy Alvarado says:

This Dude is delusional…..

Tommy O Donovan says:

"Barbara, sometimes you got to give them a little slap."
-Shaun Connory

dickieboypnuts1 says:

wow , what a sleaze bag !!!! dude is creepy ! feel like I need a shower.

Brent Wheeler says:

I would like to hear both sides of the domestic abuse allegations. i don't rust the media and justice system. American women can call it abuse and get away with it. The reason i don't date, talk to, help any of them. I know, i had a mentally abusive GF. Get a shelter dog, no more high BP, stress, abuse, as long as she closes the frig door after eating my pizza. Hate that, it was my breakfast.

Paul Ensor says:

What a pair, this guy and Schumer. You couldn't find actors to play slimier characters.

asdamusic says:

Katrina a did a great job.

PhenomMDK133651 says:

Wasn't Chuck Schumers protege Anthony Weiner? Was he enabling him?

Valeria De Jeronimo says:

Hilary Clinton still has clearance????????? WTF??????????????

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