The Story w Martha MacCallum Feb, 10, 2018 | Fox News Today February 10 2018

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Alex P Thorn says:

the #dems are now playing a #titFORtat game and again the #americanPeople are the real #victims of their crimes.

dems need to stop playing criminal games, putting traps around the President its just sad

does the old joke "if jack help you off the horse would you help jackoff the horse" is what the #dems are doing, how freakin #childish does it get, a bunch of #juvenilleDelinquents lying to everyone with one stupid childish game after another.

#Growup already

original Bantu says:

So….Molly it's ok t burn down your house as long you blame someone in the family???? Very patriotic

original Bantu says:

Proof that tea party was ALL about hating the first black president! !!!

original Bantu says:

Welcome to Putin's America! Sad

Michael Loftus says:

►Adam Bull-Schiff has weird eyes – like a robot. Watch the way they glare-stare.

sylvain leger says:

Just let it all out democratic would be responsible for this stupid bs get this over with this is making your contry look sad sorry this was funny at one time but now its just stupid Ya crazy I'm Canadian and i love America i love American but com on guys get this over with

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