Tucker: Russian collusion proof points to Dems, not Trump

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Tucker’s Thoughts: The one thing worth remembering is this: he Obama administration spied on a rival political campaign. There had better be a legitimate reason for that. Increasingly it looks like there wasn’t. #Tucker

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Marie Saqueton says:

It was based on lies and paid corrupt informant by the DNC and Hillary.

Joseph Karlovec says:

If you're attacking the FBI because you're under investigation, then you're losing. That is the easiest and most obvious observation to be made here. Tucker Carlson & Sean Hannity and all the opinion talk show hosts pretending to be news on FOX are desperately trying to establish their own narrative of 'alternative facts'… No thanks, it's not working…

Mason Leighton says:

if that guy dose not know he is wrong he should be deported

GRKalexis says:

Fox News was told to leave the UK for its biased news for not cleaning up its act.
..that Hannity and Tucker Carlson breached impartiality rules covering British broadcasting.
Sky pulled Fox News from its platform in Britain in August. Poor viewership, poor ratings and for untruthful news.
Aug 30 2017 – For Fox News, Tuesday was a dark day. Starting at 4 p.m., the channel was pulled from British airwaves.
Ofcom, the UK media regulator has made a number of rulings against Fox News broadcasts in the last year, adding to 22 breaches by Fox 's licence and Ofcom's codes and rules in the last decade for biased and fake news. .

"Fox News is not fit for UK broadcasting in the standards of ethics of its journalism". They bear responsibility for the appalling racial an sexual harassment that happened on their watch. "

Robert Harris says:

Apparently the proverbial "hammer" that delusional, misled Fox/Trump zombies keep alluding to will SOON be coming down on Trump, his co-conspirators and violent cult-members. I'm sure Mueller, with his team, have ensured that it will be swung quite forcefully and with absolute precison, striking the head(s) of its intended target(s). Four arrests, 2 guilty pleas with undoubtedly MANY MORE to come, is not the result of a witch hunt or fake news! It is EVIDENCE that a foreign government assisted by americans and MORE likely than not the (constantly obstructing) "illegitimate" President of the United States, attacked the very heart of Our Constitution. Our anger and outrage should be directed towards discovering the TRUTH, punishing the guilty and ensuring that we put into place safeguards to prevent it from ever happening again!

What Next says:

Fox is Fake News. Tucker is lying. What a joke.

K P says:

Trump believes since he Divorced his First Wife his Daughter is Fair Game to toss one into her.!!He is a Disgrace to your Country. He is a Draft Dodger and a Coward. His Grandfather Fled Germany in the 1880s so that he would not serve in the Army. His father was no Better. Trump went to a Military high School not because of his families fondness for the Military,He was sent there because he Raped or Fondled a little Girl and was sent there by Court order or go to Reform school or Jail!! These fucked up families do Not do anything to Help society !!These fucked up families protect bad behaviour and think nothing of it. They are devoid of Morality or Moral Turpitude. Trump blames Women for just being. He has Zero respect for anyone or thing. He needs a Needle to the back of the neck and take the loss. A fucking disgrace.

Ga vi says:

Tucker is fabulous

1968catrece says:


Fogata says:

Enough, I'm turning the news off, will be back in three years, I am sure the situation will be the same.

Fogata says:

Justice is not forthcoming, we know illegal things happened, so what, the culprits are laughing to our face. It's all for the media to make money.

cheryl wright says:

Never again will a Democrat be President !

Darren Tan says:

The russian is milking you guys, dummy

Black Pill says:

lol at this point Democrat supporters are either low in mental capacity or simply dont give a crap that they are corrupt as hell.

white guy says:

So, let’s see how FISA warrants are obtained. I have part two in analysis playlist if you are bored.
Congress created the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), a secret panel of eleven federal judges chosen by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, to review FISA warrant requests. Id. § 1803(a)

Some legal stuff. ()= legal cases>

1. The process for requesting a FISA warrant required an intelligence agency or police department to submit a warrant application to the Justice Department. (Hund)
2. "Application had to describe the proposed surveillance or search, certify that the surveillance was for foreign intelligence purposes, and include a certification by the President or his designated official that the surveillance was for foreign intelligence information that could not be obtained by more traditional means." U.S.C. § 1804(a)(7) (2006)
3. The Justice Department then reviews the application before submitting it to the FISC. (Pfeiffer)
4. If an application met all of these requirements and there was probable cause, a FISC judge could then issue a warrant. U.S.C. § 1805(a). "This warrant specifically stated information such as the target, "nature and location," and duration of the surveillance."
5. Between 1979 -2002 FISC rejected 0 FISA applications. The rate is still insanely high (epic . org/privacy/wiretap/stats/fisa
6. "Under the amended FISA, even if the FISC denies a warrant request, intelligence agencies are allowed to conduct surveillance until a decision is made on appeal." § 1881a(i)(4)(B).
* "Act removed the individualized judicial review of the original FISA and replaced it with a system that emphasized efficient warrant approval based on reliance on the good faith of the executive. " hahahaha.
7. FISA also empowered individuals targeted by illegal surveillance to bring civil claims for actual damages, punitive damages, and attorney's fees.
Also only lasts for a certain amount of time and you need new probable cause to essentially renew it. So, everyone who signed off on additional ones is a corrupt dumbass

Other Things:
8. The text of the Fourth Amendment expressly imposes two requirements: (1) all searches and seizures must be reasonable, and (2) a warrant may not be issued unless probable cause is properly established and the scope of the authorized search is set out with particularity. U.S.C.A. Const.Amend. 4.
*To satisfy “reasonableness” requirement of Fourth Amendment, what is generally demanded of the many factual determinations that must regularly be made by agents of government, whether the magistrate issuing warrant, police officer executing warrant, or police officer conducting search or seizure under one of the exceptions to warrant requirement, is not that they always be correct, but that they always be reasonable. U.S.C.A. Const.Amend. 4.

Probable Cause exists where “the facts and circumstances w/in officers knowledge, of which they had reasonably trustworthy information, are sufficient in themselves to warrant a man of reasonable caution to believe offense being committed”

9 (Reliability Prong) Based on (1) informant’s past history of reliability, (2) depth of detail, and (3) how detail of informant is corroborated, there IS probable cause
Aguilar v. Texas (gambling w/ skimpy affidavit;no informant named)
Holding: Gives us the test – For a warrant based upon informant, affidavit must tell magistrate basis of knowledge and how officer concluded information credible

*Spinelli v. US (gambling, informant said bookie operation)
Holding: expanded Aguilar – it is important that informant’s tip provide sufficient detail when manner information gathered unknown

10.*MECHANICS of Search Warrant
(1) Affidavit: a sworn statement to a person authorized by the court that something is true
Must be “supported by oath or affirmation”. Has to be recorded. If there is a PROBLEM w/ the affidavit: It can’t be rehabilitated after the fact b/c procedurally there was no probable cause when issued
If part of an affidavit was “recklessly or intentionally false,” then take out that portion and look at what remains to see if it upholds probable cause on its own (Franks v. Delaware)

11. Fruits of Poisonous Trees
DOCTRINE: To return the person whose rights were violated to where they were b/f violation occurred BUT, also, to put gov’t in same position as before violation (not better, nor worse)
Evidence obtained through unconstitutional means cannot used against a D whose rights were violated; if allow evidence it, it would “reduce 4th to a form of words” and encourage 4th violations Silverthorne Lumber v. US (illegally seized books copied – by HOLMES)
Excludes not just evidence seized in violation of 4th, but also evidence that derives from it
Evidence seized in violation of 4th and its “direct fruits” must be suppressed, unless very attenuated
4th Amendment Trees & their Fruit
There are (4) basic types of 4th Trees
(1) NO Probable Cause, but we find evidence
**It is difficult to break the taint of DIRECT FRUIT
If PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: direct fruit of an illegal search. If D has standing, it WILL be suppressed
If CONFESSION: a statement is a direct fruit of the poisonous tree; direct fruit WILL be suppressed.

steve pallett says:

Putin is laughing his ass off at those idiots

Shlomo Shekelstein says:

That guest speaker was a fucking retard.

Kathleen Smith old white woman says:

Fake news for lier in chief

RC-SkunkWorX says:

Fact under the Obama Administration the Democratic party committed treason Espionage and subversion against the Constitution of the United States of America and it's people…. the US intelligence Community is supposed to protect the American people for things like this not engage in them

John Sullivan says:

Got to love the psychological warfare being waged on Amerrica. Divide and weaken that's the Russian and Fox news way. Play the blacks off against the whites – the Republicans against the Deomocrats. The best part is Fox news is bring in advertising money while the sink the US ship.

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