Watch this CNN Reporter get EPICLY TROLLED after AMBUSHING Chairman Nunes over FISA Memo

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, Chairman of the House Intel Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) slammed CNN reporter Manu Raju for asking if the White House allegedly coordinated the FISA memo’s release.

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BassPlayer says:

Devin Nunes……A GENUINE MAN….


I do not see any person in his five senses will vote for the Demos in the coming Elections, you need to be crazy to hire this MAFIA CARTEL again, ROTTEN TO THE CORE !!!!

lewis Z says:

Just lv ya Gary.

Catherine McCandless says:

Freaking wooden heads, do you think they will become real boys and girls when they finally do something with moral character???????

nobillclinton says:

Traficant = hero. . .tell the american people what he said. . .'Fair Justice Act 2000'. . .you spoke with him. . .you know. . .tell it from the mountain.

Ron Gruber says:

The new bot narrative out and you can still buy a hundred thousand bucks for $20 to the best of my knowledge. It is the fact that Trump has had scandal after Scandal and the Obama administration had no scandals. It had plenty of scandals but it also had the propaganda machine burying them if you go back and look just in a cursory inspection I found at least 18 scandals that happened over the eight years of the regime

Richard Garbett says:

F#%k democracy. We are supposed to live in a republic. Where everyone has equal rights. A democracy is mob (majority) rules. So let’s stop with the back n forth bs. N restore the republic.

phil shea says:

Thank you for your service congressman

James Smith says:

You need to tell your viewer , CNN and MSNBC , Washington Post and especially the NY Times are basically controlled by the rogue portions of our CIA . They use Saudi Money and Soros money and OUR OWN TAX DOLLARS to keep them afloat . If you only knew their real rating numbers , you'd know something isn't right hear . They have deals worked out with hotel chains and restaurants , many Cable companies charge for FOX NEWS but not for CNN , MSNBC , WHY ???? Programming and to make their rating look higher

John Orr says:

Hope Mr nines has body gaurds cause Hillary and co will probably make an attempt on his life

John Orr says:

Really getting tired of these advertisements at beginning of video.

Sergio Of The Jungle says:

May democracy die completely. Vive` the Constitutional Republic.

Dave Justice says:

The Washington Post = Democracy Dies in Darkness!

george foshee says:

Karmany– When Karma meets Irony.

J Mac says:

Brilliant, did you see the reporter get that dumb look on his face? Like, what did he just say. CNN reporters have never heard that saying before.

jigsawnq says:

People gon da?

Nolan Armstrong says:

Is Nunes q Anon? Lol sounds like something he'd say

John Tsibidis says:

I've never seen anyone as desperate and full of crap (by the way I'm watching in Australia)

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