Cheddar Man: DNA shows early Briton had dark skin – BBC News

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Wake Up People says:

Fake news..and why does cheddar man look like Des O' Conner..?

Solaire Atreus says:

This mans skeleton was discovered about 100 years ago and many representations of him as a white man have already been made, but now suddenly he is black due to the need for anitwhite propaganda…. thats liberalism (Zionism) for you folks….

timbongo666 says:

It's a scam! That THING has blue Eyes, straight hair, White and some mongol features with black skin. This thing is not african, it's not european, it's some new type of undiscovered human race and if it really is a new type of undiscovered human race then the collective scientific Community would be ALL OVER THIS but their not. That tells me that this is a scam and that the scentists knows it's a damn scam.

PMoney Bags says:

Blacks been knew this tho

Young Forever says:

So let me get this straight, right wingers will believe that whites were ancient Egyptians( even though hieroglyphs show dark skinned and tan people) but refuse to believe their beloved white scientists who show that dark skinned people lived in europe? The irony…

hevquip says:

Dark skinned, but not black features. So yeah, still a "white" dude.

corinthians says:

white people are so sick about this right now and I love it. 😀

Mr. Exterminatus says:

My greatest question with this is the following:

How can a black guy survive the cold temperatures from 10k years ago, since the earth was considerably cooler? How would a black, with the amount of melanin (all types) they have, survive such cold areas? I know that the first britons were a bit darker than today´s ones, but not full blown eumelaninic dark.

SoyChaii Latte says:

Save yourself and don't scroll down

Harmful Onion says:

What does this even prove? Regardless of what they looked like, our ancestors were still OUR ancestors and NOT the ancestors of someone who showed up from the Island of Bongo Bongo last tuesday, proving the ancestors of White/Europeans at one time had darker skin doesn't change the fact that we're the indigenous people of this continent, the people who lived, settled and evolved here for scores of thousands of years, not the multicultural hordes who have infested London.

Instead of doing all this extensive research to try to prove your leftist bullshit, why not just hold up a picture of a Negro with albinism and say hey look it's a White/European just like you? Because that's exactly the level of stupidity you're at with this. You have the intelligence of people on the Cow & Chicken show.

Pizzafiend666 says:


N7 ELITE says:

Maybe chedderman was a non white in a white country?

N7 ELITE says:

Bullshit. Whites are not black

Jeamesttie Johnson says:

Gave him light eyes and wavy hair and even changed the nose lol typical….lol get over it

Übermensch9 says:

Bullshit pseudo-science intended to root out Europeans true native identity. With the intentions of flooding our homelands and destroying our ancestry. Fk the BBC

Enkel Bega says:

I️ honestly don’t believe this. How can they say for sure that he had black skin? From a northern climate and blue eyes how could his skin be that dark? Usually light eyes signify low temperatures to absorb more sunlight so dark skin and light eyes is like a sub Saharan African having nappy hair but light skin, it just doesn’t add up. They also conveniently don’t mention that cheddar man was the victim of a brutal murder and then subsequently cannibalized so I️ personally feel like there are many holes in this story and looks like BBC and those scientists are jumping the gun in a very sensitive topic. Furthermore black skin evolves where sun glare and intensity are very harsh, an example of this would be high arctic (glare and tan complexion of indigenous Inuit) and equatorial populations (sub Saharan Africa, Indians, native Australians and so on). How could a prehistoric being in one of the highest latitudes have skin this dark when high latitudes favor pale skin to absorb as much vitamin D as possible? Along with the contradictory features like blue eyes and very dark skin I️ really hope this science hasn’t been rushed to the masses for political reasons and is in fact genuine because of the sciences become political as well then there truly is no hope.

zane Smith says:

wypipo gone be mad

Giannis Charitakis says:

this is bshit

yingyang coffee says:

Europeans are not from Europe but from central Asia, it was there were the mixture of Neanderthals and Africans happened, creating "Asians" and "CaucAsians"

Ray Wild says:

Great us British are all black, means we cannot be racist. Zing. Black privilege to the max. Hooohahh.

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