Chris Christie Given Job At ABC News-WTF?

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Chris Christie Takes Job At ABC News

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Edited by Arno Bolbolian

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The Jimmy Dore Show says:

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Patricia MacLeod says:

Trump and Christie equally vulgar ignorant opportunists who demean everything they touch.

Sparkie Lyle says:

Yeah it wuz Known as Bridge-Gate rnd here. It did nothing but waste a lot of fuel, & cuz a lot more Pollution in the N. East Area. Look @ his Sick0o-Fan Body Guards in the bck rnd. It surprising they don't have there Guns Drawn. Rite Tubby ?

Dennis Menace says:

he was kicked off the beach once so the tide could come in

Carroll Farrenkopf says:

Omg while watching this all my suggested videos are pre kindergarten videos the ABC song with Micky mouse .lol

David Smith says:

Funny how the algorithm works. With ABC in the title of this video, 10 different versions of the ABC kid song, or alphabet song, popped up.

8bitpothead says:

Isn’t this guys still under federal investigation for shutting that road down?

Bozo1360 says:

Christie is just so repulsive!

lar har says:

this fucking guy just compare trump to mussolini and hitler???

lar har says:

son of a beach

Daniel says:

Youtube used to suggest relevant videos. Now all suggested videos for this video are videos for kids to learn the alphabet, you know: ABC.

Naddoddur says:

"We survived Jerry Springer" LMAO

fnikitathomas says:

ABC News hasn't been relevant since Peter Jennings…

J Wildberry says:

After watching (listening to) this video, Youtube autoplay gave me "ABC songs, Nursery rhymes collection." The confusion was real.

comingviking says:

School yard bully tactics? How did this cretin get elected in the first place?

white Ass says:

Those who love Corruption will gather together. This is like a Burglar getting a job at we buy Gold pawn. Can't get a real job so corrupt. NBC picks up a CIA Agent. ABC picks up with corrupt Governor now things will balance out more WTF News.

Revenge of The Centre LeFt PiSS ArtISt says:

Jimmy Dore, a ray of light in an otherwise dark dark time.

bigraviolees says:

CHris will eat the food on cooking shows

Deborah Anne Weber says:

There you go, "If Germany could've survived Hitler. If Italy survived Mussolini… We will survive Trump.." WTF??? These scumbags of organized RICO via MK-ULTRA and DEW neuroweapons and war-weapons (they're all considered WMDs) are trying to frame Trump as the next Hitler…. why? Blame BAD GOP (ask Wayne Madsen) and neo-liberal corptocracy.. it's a fascist, plutocratic oligarchy they are trying to maintain….

Why is Trump so hyper-vigilant ("stable genius") he's being blasted with these weapons, the "Voice of God" weapons…. Medusa, V2k, Sound Projector, LRAD, S-Squad, etc, etc, pulsed microwave audiograms… ask the Young Turks there….

Deborah Anne Weber says:

I'm telling you, Blondie is smug criminal scum. Military rejects and some other KKK sociopaths affiliated with Clinton/Rodham, Cheney, etc…. former Army mil intelligence and get a load of what's going on with all these Naval Admirals… Christie knew, they set up people up with their MK-ULTRA DEW formulas ("The Mind has no Firewall") Brain initiative, brain-mapping and these thugs come along, torture people, brain damage and murder children… I've seen these f'ers in action each one needs a military tribunal and a firing squad…. definitely enemies of the State. You should have a commander Walt Fitzpatrick on your show, you should also have NSA whistleblower, Karen Melton Stewart she is hilarious and a dear, dear friend….

Remember what JFK said, "For we are opposed around the world (and domestically) by a ruthless and monolithic conspiracy…." it's pinned to my Google+ page….

I ought to know… Pizzagate pig Pelosi is my mother's distant cousin…. put in place and set up right away…

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