Civilisations: Trailer – BBC Two

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Programme information: Civilisations coming soon to BBC Two. Inspired by Kenneth Clark’s ground-breaking BBC series from 1969, BBC Two’s nine-part series Civilisations introduces a new generation to great masterworks of beauty and ingenuity.


spurn point says:

A lot of negative comment and they haven't seem it yet. Looking forward to a treat from the wonderful BBC.

AWResistance says:

Hiring three left-wingers to do a series on Civilsation is exactly why i no longer pay the license fee.

AWResistance says:

Western civilisation and culture is by the superior culture and civilisation that the world has ever known, but that won't be the conclusion of this series. Instead we will be force-fed a false narrative of equality, post-modernism and a dash of guilt and shame for Western excellence.

AWResistance says:

Expect a Left-wing bias.

Hayley Longster says:

Awesome. I'd like to take Mary beard for a beer….d.

Rugose Texture says:

The photography will be wonderful, but I think it is a shame they chose these three as the hosts. They could have done better.

man0z says:

This will be more Judeo-Masonic programming propaganda from the Bolshevik Broadcasting Company designed to cover up history yeah?

Nathan Jones says:

Looks really good, except for the liberal elitism

Youak says:

2:37 what is the name of that?

Bill says:

It looks good, but I didn't really like any of the hosts, they just came of as pretentious.

craigr98 says:

I’m already imagining the Daily Fail has got its negative articles written.

craigr98 says:

This looks brilliant. How many episodes?

Caron Ethan Boyle says:

This looks awesome. But 5.18 that was not art its an insult to great artists.

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