Eagles fans celebrate in the streets after Super Bowl win

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Thousands of Eagles fans gathered near Philadelphia’s City Hall, climbing light posts and atop the awning of a local Ritz Carlton, leading to injuries.


Kendall Chisem says:

They keep showing the same footage. Why? Because most of it was not as bad as they are making it. But let them keep having you think the whole city was destroyed when it wasn't

Ringo Star The Guinea Pig says:

Holy crap, stupid people

Steve Hi says:

That’s anarchy

Steve Hi says:

Eagles rock

Robert California says:

“I can’t believe they act like this”
“Phili fans are such trash”

That’s just how it is over here! It’s been that way for along time! Get over it. Bunch of sore losers. GO BIRDS!!

M A K O says:

wow what beautiful civilised people. lets break our city after we win something!

Quan SoCalm says:

I was there in center City after the win… Had a great time reppin my eagles if u didn't have eagles gear u stuck out lol

kej1166 says:

See how the media covered that. It wasn't a riot…it was a lil rowdy, destroying property, businesses, etc but it was a lil rowdy. Didn't hear of a single arrest in the story…and the reaction if those same things happened if the majority were minorities…I'll just leave this right here.

Elizabeth Drain says:

It’s mostly the college kids doing this shit .. I live in philly so Ik

Tay Cou says:

Wow…this looks an awful lot like BLM protesting,but you know they won't be called thugs for their destruction

Zach Swasta says:

At least its in happiness and not anger. If it was Anger it'd be WAYYYY worse

Nick Sacco says:

Credit the fans that were able to climb some of that shit I tried and there was just no chance

dopamining says:

Wow, a whole city full of assholes.

Arcturus Nova says:

It's not just philly, NFL fans tend to be trashy people in general.

Randal Emmert says:

Look up Bill Burr "Philly Rant"

I am Chappy says:

Yeah!!! Our team won lets go destroy the city!!! Who's down?

Matthew Jay Evans says:

Philly motherfuckers!!!! Hahahahahaha

Soleil Honey says:

Wow…These people..Seriously?..

1:01…I Laughed so Hard..LOL!!..Like Wow….lol

Randy Perkins says:

Way to show love of your city….alot like Detroit fans ….in a week the celebration be over and Philly will be the same chit hole city it was Saturday !

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