Falcon Heavy: The story of Elon Musk rocket launch – BBC News

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Falcon Heavy successfully launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The rocket’s payload is Elon Musk’s own Tesla.

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Tintin says:

I don't understand why send a car to space, what is the purpose? There are so many debris up in space that were left off by human's work and it is actually floating around space, why bring another material that doesn't originally belong up there?? Why that much funding to send a car? Feel like an ego trip to me.

Julie W says:

No shrieks of ''white privilege'' or feminists calls for women scientists?? You are slacking bbc.. Slacking….

Sevin skies says:

Shouldn’t tires explode in space?

The Mighty Jagrafess says:

anyone know where I can find the music?

The Mighty Jagrafess says:

(watches video)
faith in humanity +10

(reads comments)
Faith in humanity -10

Lauren Kennedy says:

They really have sold their souls to devil
The sheeple are buying it ! #fake

TheDeadNigerianPrince HauntingYourInBox says:

The first several crewed launches of the B.F.R. should be occupied by all "flat earthers", "Moon landing is a hoax" and "space is actually water" nuts… Tell them " You're all going to build a colony living within the cracks of Uranus." Because evidently, they've basically already been successfully training their craniums for that mission for many years!

Eric Smith says:

Can anyone identify the background music used in the video?

solasagusdochas says:

Amazing achievement , well done to everyone involved !!

The Vanguard says:

lol funny cus i would love to go to mars, as far away as i can from Britain

Matt Sepan The Hylian says:

Looks like doomguy called an uber

My Frequencies says:

Looking for video of the Tesla car leaving the payload bay of the FH, anyone seen it anywhere?

santosh kumar KHADANGA says:

Wait, this is amazing

officialxrazy says:

Well, technically the orbit isn't around Mars.

Randall McGuire says:

This was a epic farce and money grab. Repeating the greatest lie of our century… wake up. The proof is right in front of your eyes.

Imran Sahir says:

Although NASA did this half a century ago but sometimes we have to learn, unlearn and relearn. I cried on the launch of Falcon Heavy.

Gypt Steria says:

My Father used to tell me as a kid that the fabled " Black knight Satellite" was " Evil Knievel's car" there was a famous National Enquirer , and Sun news article about the fable legend story . It was a joke that my dad teased me about all the time, it was something we used to kid each other about when we talked about space. He originally told me the story which I repeated at grade school ( wanting to believe it) that Evil Kneivel drove so fast off a ramp, into the sky that his car was lost in space and still is in orbit ( black Knight) while he fell back to earth to sustain massive near fatal injuries . As a kid I just ate it up! Now it's a loving memory. Thankyou Elon Musk.

Craig Basoco says:


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