Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 02/11/18 10PM | February 11, 2018 Breaking News

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MrAntivirusxp says:

i like Chris Wallace because he rounds off fox news well. They cant all be Hannity, Carlson, and Ingrahm. And to those who disagree with him, who cares? We can all have an opinion without jumping down each others throats every time we hear something we don't like.

Sherrie McDougle says:

I am not dem. or rep. I chose after research, and listenig, and prayer, then I vote, but I don't see any dem. that I wouLD vote for dog catcher, after the State of the union address, all this stuff ,is covering up what they are afraid of becoming public.

miguel avena says:

Haters don't like Wallace because he's a good decent tv anchor. A real Republican not a hater.

Robin Coh says:

Chris Wallace u r the biggest dh

michael landers says:

Gosh, he questions republicans and asks follow up questions when given vague or deceptive answers …. you people are defective … Mick Mulvany and your GOP are full of shit ….. lie lie lie ….. so democrats want quid pro quo “I’ll give you this if you do that”. Isn’t that what trump did w DACA ? Shit you guys cannot keep these shit tacos your party feeds you ….. thieves and villains …. laughable as they 3 card Monty you rubes …..they are going to take poor white peoples health care, food stamps and SSI that rural whites rely on ….. to balance the budget

Dee Turner says:

It is truly SHOCKING how BLINDED and/or CENSORED MSM reporters have been, remaining SILENT ABOUT,  even COVERING UP the WORST POLITICAL CORRUPTION SCANDAL IN US HISTORY!!  Even worse, their left BIAS on absolutely EVERYTHING has  PERVERTED their coverage of REAL NEWS in favor of reporting FAKE NEWS to the public, no matter how badly it hurts their own credibility & ratings!These biased reports further SPIN a false narrative against President TRUMP's REAL achievements to focus instead on FAKE NEWS REPORTS OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION without a shred of evidence against the duly elected President in a year long witch hunt. Yet MSM continues to push their agenda to discredit TRUMP based on NOTHING but their blatant bias, deflection of truth & dirty partisan politics.MSM continues to ignore EXPLOSIVE NEW EVIDENCE that the Russian collusion has been proven to have taken place by the losing candidate HILLARY, involving wiretaps, capital crimes & espionage by OBAMA & CLINTONS. The illegal sale of 20% of America's Uranium to Russia led to a $145 MILLION kickback to the CLINTON FOUNDATON, yet all of this has been ignored and buried by their media lackeys.The Deep State swamp just keeps getting deeper & dirtier, as more evidence surfaces DAILY, now exposing top levels of FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA, IRS & State Dept players all conspiring with the Clinton/Obama cabal shoveling more & more muck against President Trump & various members of his administration. Distract, discredit, deflect & vilify seems to be their desperate mission, and in so doing they are missing the biggest REAL NEWS HEADLINES EVER which may serve to become the worst MEDIA SCANDAL in US HISTORY too..

solomon d says:

I always read comments here from hannity propaganda lovers that Chris Wallace should move CNN . Why don't u save us all by not watching Chris . It's simple if u don't like don't watch . Chris is the only reason I watch fox THANK U CHRIS FOR BEING FAIR .

Dazz Rat says:

Is it just me or does FOX bring out the "soft liberals" and "swamp apologists" on weekends.

Maria Duffy says:

Shame on you Chris

Yin Yang says:

fundamentally changed the structure of the economy….jip…that is because we have a businessman in charge. It's hard for Chris Wallace to understand this because he did not study business, or did he? did he run a business in his lifetime. Many people do not understand what Trump is doing and achieving, because of a lack of knowledge and a lack of patience and foresight

Rob Z says:

Because Chris Wallace is an elite republican host he loves the Bushes he loves Romney, McCain . Just part of the job that's why they make big money to deceive US. At least all the guests are not anti Trump .

Suzy Kruz says:

Chris Wallace needs to move to CNN!! Fox needs to fire him!

Maria Lee says:

It is because I like to hear Mulvany's talk, otherwise, l will not watch Chris Wallace. He should move himself over to CNN.

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